Sick of Christmas

Sick of Christmas


<Rant>I’m so damn sick of Christmas

Frankly I am sick of Christmas.  I can hardly stand to turn on the television and flip channels because of all the Christmas movies that seem to be playing their non-stop garbage.

I am also sick of the religious right whining and complaining about how “the left” or someone else  has destroyed Christmas because they feel they aren’t allowed to say or display “Merry Christmas” anymore.  What a bunch crap.  They have been shoving their religious beliefs down everyone’s throat for long enough and now when people start telling them to knock it off they are crying like a bunch of babies.

First of all, Jesus was not born on December 25th.  Second, the winter Solstice holiday is pagan through and through.  Nobody owns the holiday, and everyone is free to celebrate it anyway they darn choose.  But before you go spouting “Merry Christmas” to someone, you should know who you are saying it to because it is not polite to push or practice your religious rituals on others who may not care to share it with you, no matter how much you are sure that you are right and they are wrong.

Also, people who go around trying to show all their wonderful perky Christmas spirit are the same ones who are grumpy and grim the rest of the year.  The spirit of Love and generosity should be practiced all year round, and not just at Christmas.

In our town the Court House displays a nativity scene.  Personally I think its in bad taste.   </rant>

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Real Prayer is Intention

(Why some people’s prayers are not answered)

Real prayer is when a person makes a decision, has an intention, thinks about, decides upon the things they truly want to have or to be, or the things they need in order to move forward. Real prayer is to visualize that thing clearly with the intention to have or to be that.

Once a decision is made, the Universe conspires to create what you intend. You are the co-creator. The Universe awaits your decision.
This is how you create your own reality with your thoughts. It really works if done correctly. It has nothing to do with God or Jesus or Christianity or any other religion, but it has everything to do with intention and belief and making a decision.

A man got into a cab to go someplace and the cab driver just sat there. The man said why are you just sitting there, lets go! The cab driver said “Because you have not told me where you want to go. The man said, “I don’t know where I want to go.” So there they sat.

Therein lies the answer. If you do not know what you want or where you want to go you will just sit there. Think of the Cab driver as the Universe, waiting for instructions to bring you what you want. If you do not place your order you will either get nothing or you will get what ever you think about.

Most people think about what they don’t want or they think about lack. They see themselves with nothing, they visualize the worst. The universe sees their thoughts and gives them what they don’t want. The universe sees their fears and creates their reality with that.

The other reason your prayers are not answered is because your higher self sees you in the wrong place, with the wrong person, going in the wrong direction. Your higher self knows what your purpose is and you are not being true to that purpose. You are not fulfilling your true purpose, so you will not receive the help you need to continue. Why would your higher self help you do the wrong thing?

If you do not change your life at this point, your higher self will fade into the background and you will be guided by the dark ones. You will sink into a totally negative mind set. Your life will turn to crap. You have stopped listening to your higher self, which is a betrayal of yourself and you have strayed from your mission and purpose. Your prayers will not be answered, because you (the ego) have become your worst enemy.

Players and End Game

This is the End Game

Those who are sucked into the game will react to perceived evil rather than respond to the situation with wisdom and love. They are the people who are least aware of the game. They are either victims or players who want to fancy themselves as warriors for their God. There are players on many levels. You will know a player when they attempt to recruit you to their cause, be it good or evil. You will know a player because they have an agenda.

The agenda usually points back to them in some small way. They want to “save” someone. In addition to that, they want to destroy the enemy which they identify as “evil.” They want to think of themselves as a savior or a champion of a savior. They want someone who is on their side. They will raise an army or start a religion.

They will tell you that you have to make a choice. You will be told that you are either with them or against them. If you do not join them they will place you with their enemy, and have you shot you at dawn.

Or they will just tell you that “you will be sorry when Jesus gets back,” for they believe that all those who do not follow their master will be incinerated by the angels of light. (I am thinking they have some sort of high tech ray guns or some other secret weapon.)

But this is how they understand reality. There is a battle going on, that is for sure, but the battle is so very complicated and I suppose it is necessary. It is love vs. ignorance.

Do people choose evil or is it that they just do not understand love? They don’t know what it is really. The Draco’s don’t understand compassion and are not acquainted with many human emotions.

The battle is between those who don’t know love and those who know love. The ones who don’t know love want to hang on to the ones who do, because they have no love of their own. They destroy that which they don’t understand. They enslave us and keep us as pets and eat us as we do the animals of the earth. They keep us in the dark, they lie to us, they create religions and have us believe that they are gods.

Yet we humans will leave them behind in third density. We grow bored and tired of the earth game. We are ready to go other places.  They want to enslave us, but they do not know our power. We don’t have to check out.  All we have to do is leave.


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Consider this

Consider that you do not know how long you will be living in this life. Look at your life and look at each moment you spend. Do you spend it in hatred or Love? Joy or sorrow? Sadness or Joy? Creativity or worry? Consider that you choose how you percieve things, and you choose how you feel about things. Consider that you create your personal reality by your thoughts and beliefs. You take your energy and your attention and you spend it. What are you spending it on? How much do you have? How much time do you have left? Where is the love? What is your purpose? Consider this.

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Major Payne Quote

Best Quote from Major Payne


Major Payne


The Quote:

 “I always figured if the Marines had wanted me to have a wife they’d a issued me one”

The one I had Posted previously:

“I always thought if the army felt I needed a wife they’d have issued me one.”



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What is useless Drivel?

How “useless drivel” compares to “mindless chatter.”

I will define “useless drivel” as a longwinded post which is a perception or point of view that few people really care about anyway. These posts are probably about politics, religion, conspiracy theories, beliefs etc.

Mindless Chatter is a person talking about their boring day to day activities. It may also fit under the catagorys journal, life, about me, rants, complaints, pet peeves etc.

There should be another catagory called “useful information” which would include such things as how to get free or cheap software, how to find anyone or how to do things. If I ever write a post that is useful, I will add this catagory.

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Clint Eastwood quote

Best Movie Quote, Clint Eastwood.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Such ingratitude, and after all the times I saved your life


He leaves Tuco in the desert with no shoes. Tuco curses at him.

“Tut, tut. Such ingratitude after all the times I saved your life.”

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Scarface Quote

Best One liner quote – Scarface:


“Say ‘ello to my lil’ friend!”

Other Scarface Quotes

The above link will take you to some other Scarface quotes.


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Useless Drivel

A spiritual awakening.

Having undergone a spiritual awakening, or else having been possessed by some other personality, I have concluded that most of this blog is useless drivel and I have added a “useless drivel” catagory to take the place of the “uncatagorized” catagory for all posts that seem immaterial, or could otherwise be considered to be useless drivel.

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The Law of Unintended Consequences

Who is responsible for them?

“The Law of Unintended Consequences holds that almost all human actions have at least one unintended consequence.”

But many human actions are simply reactions with no conscious intention behind them in the first place, therefore all consequences that follow these reactions could be deemed to having been “unintended.”

Such as: “Duh gee…You startled me, I didn’t intend to shoot you.” said this:

Unintended consequences, or situations where the final outcome is unexpected, can be classed into roughly three groups:

* positive, usually referred to as serendipity or a windfall
* a source of problems, according to Murphy’s law
* definitively negative or a perverse effect, which is the opposite result to the one intended

I don’t agree that an “unintended consequence” implies anything positive such as a “windfall’ (or good luck) simply because the word “consequence” implies a negative unwanted result that may be costly. If it were positive, it would have been called an “unintended reward” and if it were neutral, it would have been called an “unintended result.”

I also do not agree that the law of unintended consequences has anything to do with Murphy’s law, or that there is anything even real about “Murphy’s law” which is more of a joke about bad luck than any kind of scientific law. Nor do I believe that the “law of unintended consequences” points to a result that is the opposite result to the one actually intended, although that is one of many possibilities.

When people use the term “the law of unintended consequences” to describe a situation, what they probably mean by it is “collateral damage” or “an accident,” or “bad luck.” It seems to me that they are just making excuses for careless or thoughtless actions. There are always quantum reasons for accidents, collateral damage and bad luck. These results follow wrong thinking and wrong actions of known or unknown origin, which could be from a combination of different human actions where consideration and responsibility for said actions is denied.

A series of automatic reactions to an event or perceived experience can cause havoc and chaos and any number of consequences which might be explained as “the law of unintended consequences” or “collateral damage.” This damage results because there is nothing positive about automatically reacting to something. Any true automatic reaction is negative and devoid of any real willful conscious intent. It is usually simply a person following a pattern of programed responses. They do not stop to even consider the consequences. They simply react according to programing, instinct and patterns.

This negative reaction is not necessarily always undesirable or “wrong.” It is just not thought out. But we can’t always “think out” every automatic reaction, such as swatting a fly or running from an angry bear. Sometimes these automatic reactions can save our life, an sometimes they can get us into worse trouble. My point is, they are automatic programed responses, not conscious intentions.

Also, some people are not honest about their true intentions. They may try to interfere with other people’s personal life or business and declare that their intention was to help, when really their true intention was to control the situation or the person, or some other intention or agenda. If the results of their actions cause chaos or consequences, they might think of it according to “the law of unintended consequences” in order to deflect the blame from themselves.

Consequences are negative results and prices paid for reactions and actions, (intended or not.) “Unintended consequences” are the negative results and prices paid for reactions and actions that were unknown, unexpected or not considered.

You might say that one cannot possibly be aware of all of the ramifications of their act as there are an infinite number of possible consequences. So how can a person avoid being the cause of bad consequences? You cannot really, but you can decrease them. The cause of bad consequences generally come from wrong actions or wrong thinking so the answer to this dilema is to act with divine love and compassion, and to do what is right and what is for the good of all concerned if possible.

If your act is one of kindness, love and compassion, any unintended consequences of that act will be because of the negative reactive situation at work from other angles and not because of your act. Some situations in play are past the point of no return, having too many influences of bad thoughts and bad decisions influencing them and just have to play themselves out to a conclusion. You can either make them worse or better by adding your positive actions or negative reactions. There is no way to know how a single act of kindness will change the situation or a person’s life, and there is no way of knowing how a negative act of cruelty or selfishness will impact the situation.

If you act with love and kindness, then you can rest assured that you have probably improved the situation even if it cannot be known. You are 100% responsible for everything you create, and that includes unintended consequences. So always do the right thing and you will sleep better at night. Chances are you improved the situation by your actions.

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