Real Prayer is Intention

(Why some people’s prayers are not answered)

Real prayer is when a person makes a decision, has an intention, thinks about, decides upon the things they truly want to have or to be, or the things they need in order to move forward. Real prayer is to visualize that thing clearly with the intention to have or to be that.

Once a decision is made, the Universe conspires to create what you intend. You are the co-creator. The Universe awaits your decision.
This is how you create your own reality with your thoughts. It really works if done correctly. It has nothing to do with God or Jesus or Christianity or any other religion, but it has everything to do with intention and belief and making a decision.

A man got into a cab to go someplace and the cab driver just sat there. The man said why are you just sitting there, lets go! The cab driver said “Because you have not told me where you want to go. The man said, “I don’t know where I want to go.” So there they sat.

Therein lies the answer. If you do not know what you want or where you want to go you will just sit there. Think of the Cab driver as the Universe, waiting for instructions to bring you what you want. If you do not place your order you will either get nothing or you will get what ever you think about.

Most people think about what they don’t want or they think about lack. They see themselves with nothing, they visualize the worst. The universe sees their thoughts and gives them what they don’t want. The universe sees their fears and creates their reality with that.

The other reason your prayers are not answered is because your higher self sees you in the wrong place, with the wrong person, going in the wrong direction. Your higher self knows what your purpose is and you are not being true to that purpose. You are not fulfilling your true purpose, so you will not receive the help you need to continue. Why would your higher self help you do the wrong thing?

If you do not change your life at this point, your higher self will fade into the background and you will be guided by the dark ones. You will sink into a totally negative mind set. Your life will turn to crap. You have stopped listening to your higher self, which is a betrayal of yourself and you have strayed from your mission and purpose. Your prayers will not be answered, because you (the ego) have become your worst enemy.


Consider this

Consider that you do not know how long you will be living in this life. Look at your life and look at each moment you spend. Do you spend it in hatred or Love? Joy or sorrow? Sadness or Joy? Creativity or worry? Consider that you choose how you percieve things, and you choose how you feel about things. Consider that you create your personal reality by your thoughts and beliefs. You take your energy and your attention and you spend it. What are you spending it on? How much do you have? How much time do you have left? Where is the love? What is your purpose? Consider this.

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What is useless Drivel?

How “useless drivel” compares to “mindless chatter.”

I will define “useless drivel” as a longwinded post which is a perception or point of view that few people really care about anyway. These posts are probably about politics, religion, conspiracy theories, beliefs etc.

Mindless Chatter is a person talking about their boring day to day activities. It may also fit under the catagorys journal, life, about me, rants, complaints, pet peeves etc.

There should be another catagory called “useful information” which would include such things as how to get free or cheap software, how to find anyone or how to do things. If I ever write a post that is useful, I will add this catagory.

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Useless Drivel

A spiritual awakening.

Having undergone a spiritual awakening, or else having been possessed by some other personality, I have concluded that most of this blog is useless drivel and I have added a “useless drivel” catagory to take the place of the “uncatagorized” catagory for all posts that seem immaterial, or could otherwise be considered to be useless drivel.

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