Escaping the Trap of Time

The enlightened person’s main focus of attention is always in the present moment.  To escape from time is to escape from the mind because time is a construct of the mind.  If you dwell on the past or constantly think about (or worry about) the future, you are trapped by time and you will miss the present moment.  Use “clock time” when you need it, but keep your attention on the Now of your existence.  You cannot do anything in the past or in the future, you can only do it now.  You cannot live in the past or the future, you can only live now.  The key to happiness and a longer life is presence.  Continued focus on the future or the past means you are resisting what is and you are missing the moment.  That is what they mean by “Stop and smell the roses.”  It is the journey that matters, not the destination. (These are the concepts talked about in the book “The Power of Now.” by Eckart Tolle  I highly recommend it.)

You are not the mind, nor are you the ego or the thinker of thoughts. These things are tools created for the observer.  The true essence of you is the watcher.   When you step back and observe your mind and your thoughts then you have escaped the trap of time and you are present in the NOW.

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Time Travel To Fix Mistakes of the Past

It is probably possible to go back in time and relive part of your life if you screw it up the first few times. I believe this is possible because it actually happened to me. At least I think it did. I can understand how it can happen now, after reading the book “The holographic Universe.” It makes perfect sense.

When I woke up I did not know where in time I had landed. My first waking thought was “Where am I?” But the question was about “time.” It was: “Where am I in time?” I have woke up from a deep sleep many times before, but it has never before occurred to me to wonder where, in time, I was, so this was a very interesting development. In trying to locate where I was I reviewed my life, and the next question I asked myself as I looked around was who was I married to? Then my surroundings came into focus and I realized where I was.

When I realized where in time I had landed (found myself) I became panic stricken. I was married to my second husband and the dark oppressive feeling that went with that bore down on me with a feeling of impending doom.

I was on the verge of a panic attack and my memory of where I had just come from, faded and all I could retain was one single thought. It was, “I have got to divorce this man.” My life depended on it. That one thought changed my future.

I can only speculate where in time I had come from or what had happened in that other time line, but I am guessing that I had died. It doesn’t really matter. They say there are many realities that split off with certain choices that you make along the way. Lets say I made a bad choice somewhere in some other time line that lead to my death and I decided to come back and give myself another chance. The problem is, you don’t get to keep clear memories. You have to learn to listen to your gut feelings and your intuition or inner voice. You have to try to retain those higher memories. I remembered only one thing. I had to get a divorce. This marriage had been a big mistake. I was way down the wrong path and approaching the point of no return.

I did get the divorce. My life would not move forward in that situation. It was just wrong. Today, I am still alive and a very happy person. Who knows if I actually lived my life over again or not? There is no real proof. My memories are fuzzy. But I see visions of other realities that I have lived through in four other timelines of this life and all of them are really messed up. This one l am in right now is actually the best of the four that I have seen, and its not all that fantastic. But when I look at the others I am glad to be where I am. Everything happens at the same instant in eternity. There really is no time. There is only infinity, and the many paths our consciousness travels through it.

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