The Worst Television Show in the Universe

I know what hell would be like.

I would be tied up in a room and forced to watch

Little House on the Prairie re-runs for eternity.

The show sucks.




The Show:

You are drawn into their petty little family dramas with a story that always has a moral at the end. The family pretends to have problems but always comes through them with a lesson to be learned about the perfect family and their loving father.

It bares no resemblance to the average disfunctional family drama. Its not funny, or scary, or entertaining. It is annoying, sort of like stale tasting bubble gum that only serves to keep you chewing and blowing bubbles. The show attempts to serve as an example to us what a perfect family should be like, and what yours is not like. I can’t stand to watch that “goody two shoes” garbage. I can’t believe it did not get canceled after the first week. That is really scary. That means there are people out there that actually love and watch that show. How horrifying!! (My mother loves it, but then my mother is a saint.)

The next in line, coming in as the

second worst show in the Universe
is the horror show “Touched by an Angel.”


(Aliens posing as angels sent by God.)

The Show:

It’s message is basically “God loves you, ( straiten up your disfunctional life, you stupid fuck, and stop feeling sorry for yourself.”) The part I hate the most is where the “angel” reveals that she is an angel as she glows around the edges.

If someone told me they were an angel and started glowing I would call the NORAD and tell them to come pick up their lost glowing alien creature. (Not that I don’t believe in angels, I just think most of them are “evil” aliens, and that there is a very good possibility that they are probably not human and never have been.

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