Should we stay in or get out of the body?

Should we stay in or get out of the body?

In spiritual practice, when it comes to whether or not one should get out of the body or stay in it,  I have heard from Robert Monroe in his book “Journeys out of the Body” and I have heard from Paul Twitchell in his books to include his first one,  “In my soul I am free.”  For the most part, I thought that learning this was an important pursuit.  It seemed so magical.

After experimenting with out of body projection and soul travel for a number of years, and after a lot of reading about it, I decided that much like hallucinogenic and drugs, the practice of astral projection or soul travel constitutes more of an escape from  the present manifestation of self than a reaching for enlightenment or finding God.  Most of what you will find are mind created worlds and beings who know less about God and the Universe than you might expect. You can also run into some pretty nasty characters.

Therefore, once again, I seem to have made a complete  turn around in my overall opinion and belief on this subject.  We, as somewhat conscious humans, seem to have manifested from the source, an outward physical body for the purpose of experiencing life.  Never mind how that was accomplished, it was an amazing feat.   To disregard or reject the body, our temple of life, would be a denial of the manifested physical self.

Also, to spend our time in mental anguish and fear worrying about our fate, or trying to get to some place called heaven or the after life is also a form of denial of our current life.  Enjoy your life now.  Live your life now.  This is where your power lies.

Reverend Priestess Gloria

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Escaping the Trap of Time

The enlightened person’s main focus of attention is always in the present moment.  To escape from time is to escape from the mind because time is a construct of the mind.  If you dwell on the past or constantly think about (or worry about) the future, you are trapped by time and you will miss the present moment.  Use “clock time” when you need it, but keep your attention on the Now of your existence.  You cannot do anything in the past or in the future, you can only do it now.  You cannot live in the past or the future, you can only live now.  The key to happiness and a longer life is presence.  Continued focus on the future or the past means you are resisting what is and you are missing the moment.  That is what they mean by “Stop and smell the roses.”  It is the journey that matters, not the destination. (These are the concepts talked about in the book “The Power of Now.” by Eckart Tolle  I highly recommend it.)

You are not the mind, nor are you the ego or the thinker of thoughts. These things are tools created for the observer.  The true essence of you is the watcher.   When you step back and observe your mind and your thoughts then you have escaped the trap of time and you are present in the NOW.

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Sick of Christmas

Sick of Christmas


<Rant>I’m so damn sick of Christmas

Frankly I am sick of Christmas.  I can hardly stand to turn on the television and flip channels because of all the Christmas movies that seem to be playing their non-stop garbage.

I am also sick of the religious right whining and complaining about how “the left” or someone else  has destroyed Christmas because they feel they aren’t allowed to say or display “Merry Christmas” anymore.  What a bunch crap.  They have been shoving their religious beliefs down everyone’s throat for long enough and now when people start telling them to knock it off they are crying like a bunch of babies.

First of all, Jesus was not born on December 25th.  Second, the winter Solstice holiday is pagan through and through.  Nobody owns the holiday, and everyone is free to celebrate it anyway they darn choose.  But before you go spouting “Merry Christmas” to someone, you should know who you are saying it to because it is not polite to push or practice your religious rituals on others who may not care to share it with you, no matter how much you are sure that you are right and they are wrong.

Also, people who go around trying to show all their wonderful perky Christmas spirit are the same ones who are grumpy and grim the rest of the year.  The spirit of Love and generosity should be practiced all year round, and not just at Christmas.

In our town the Court House displays a nativity scene.  Personally I think its in bad taste.   </rant>

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Real Prayer is Intention

(Why some people’s prayers are not answered)

Real prayer is when a person makes a decision, has an intention, thinks about, decides upon the things they truly want to have or to be, or the things they need in order to move forward. Real prayer is to visualize that thing clearly with the intention to have or to be that.

Once a decision is made, the Universe conspires to create what you intend. You are the co-creator. The Universe awaits your decision.
This is how you create your own reality with your thoughts. It really works if done correctly. It has nothing to do with God or Jesus or Christianity or any other religion, but it has everything to do with intention and belief and making a decision.

A man got into a cab to go someplace and the cab driver just sat there. The man said why are you just sitting there, lets go! The cab driver said “Because you have not told me where you want to go. The man said, “I don’t know where I want to go.” So there they sat.

Therein lies the answer. If you do not know what you want or where you want to go you will just sit there. Think of the Cab driver as the Universe, waiting for instructions to bring you what you want. If you do not place your order you will either get nothing or you will get what ever you think about.

Most people think about what they don’t want or they think about lack. They see themselves with nothing, they visualize the worst. The universe sees their thoughts and gives them what they don’t want. The universe sees their fears and creates their reality with that.

The other reason your prayers are not answered is because your higher self sees you in the wrong place, with the wrong person, going in the wrong direction. Your higher self knows what your purpose is and you are not being true to that purpose. You are not fulfilling your true purpose, so you will not receive the help you need to continue. Why would your higher self help you do the wrong thing?

If you do not change your life at this point, your higher self will fade into the background and you will be guided by the dark ones. You will sink into a totally negative mind set. Your life will turn to crap. You have stopped listening to your higher self, which is a betrayal of yourself and you have strayed from your mission and purpose. Your prayers will not be answered, because you (the ego) have become your worst enemy.


About Humor and Fear:

If you don’t have a sense of humor you probably aren’t happy because you probably don’t know how to laugh at yourself and you probably think Marriage and the pledge of allegiance and other things are “sacred.’

Nothng is “sacred.” Things may be important to you, but once you start calling it “sacred” then you start getting too damn serious and you will loose your sense of humor and your inner joy, because there will always be someone who will come along and tramp all over your sacred thing, offending and depressing you deeply.

If you don’t have a sense of humor you probably worry too much.

If you worry too much you are probably in poor health, being all stressed out. Stress kills more people than germs. Stress causes wars. Stress feeds cancer and parasites. Stress is fear. They say that the creatures of the dark feed on your fear. I know that body parasites do, so why not creatures of the underworld?

It is no wonder that laughter is the best medicine. So don’t take life so seriously, get rid of stress and guilt. Cults and people who depend upon fear based ideas, who controll their flock through fear, hate this idea. I even heard a preacher ranting about a tee-shirt that kids were wearing that proclaimed “NO FEAR.” This idea really irked him. But if people could eliminate fear based decisions from their lives, Lawyers, Preachers, Insurance Companies, Doctors, and governments would be shit out of luck in exerting power over others.

This is the earth game, its not permanent. Soon we will all move on to another reality or else we will all be dead so it doesn’t matter. What matters is now. Drop fear, the killer. Drop stress and worry and guilt. How? Kindle your sense of humor. Step back and look at life differently. If you think about it, it is really funny.

Faith will eliminate Fear. Humor heals.

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God Realization

All my life I have heard a lot about attaining “God realization” and what you have to do to attain such an exalted state of consciousness. I feel I should announce that I have now attained it, and I will tell you what exactly it is so that you can attain it too, hopefully.

God realization is when you realize that you are God.

Now that was not difficult was it?

For those who have not attained God realization (and don’t realize that they are God) you either don’t believe in God or you believe in a false God outside yourself. If you want to worship someone, you can worship me, I don’t mind.

Bless you.

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Save Yourself

According to the Bible, if you disobey God, or if you do not believe in the teachings of the Bible or in Jesus as the Savior, and the son of God, that unbelief is considered rejection of God and labeled “a sin.” By default, then, according to Christianity, anyone who is not Christian and who does not accept and believe in the Christian doctrine and the Christian God is “a sinner.”

Most Christians will insist that there is only One true God and if you agree with them they have you over a barrel, because if there truly is only One God, and you do not worship their perception of that One God, then they will then tell you that you are “rejecting” God or “refusing” to believe. Therefore you will be labeled “sinner.”

Although in the old testament there was a lot of talk of “sin,” today Christianity has embraced and taken ownership of the concept. Anyone who refuses to accept their concept of God are then “against God” or “rejecting God,” hence, sinners. Through their perspective, no other religion can own the concept of sin and call other people sinners, because it is their belief that they worship “false Gods” anyway.

If you find that your life is made better by allowing a cult or religion to define you and tell you how to live each moment of your life, that is your choice and you should cling to those doctrines with all your might; but if you are tired of some preacher telling you that you are a sinner and telling you that you shouldn’t do this and can’t do that because of some passage he found in the Bible, then you should probably ask yourself if what they are telling you makes any real logical or rational sense.

Whether you believe the soul is eternal or not, if you accept the Christian doctrine you are expected to believe some pretty unbelievable things, and if you do not believe (or “reject” them,) you are defined (by them) as a “sinner.” How long are you going to live your life letting other people and their doctrines define you? There are no sinners outside of Religious doctrine and Christianity except by another Christian’s definition of them.

If you refuse to be defined by religious and Christian doctrines, you cannot be a sinner, because the term was created and is owned only by them. In truth, the word “sin” is empty and meaningless. It is a mote point. So save yourself from the bondage of sin forever, and define yourself. Reject their definition of you. Do what is right with love. Think Truth, be Truth, Speak truth. There is no such thing as “sin.”

This does not mean there is no “right” or “wrong” concepts in living your life. It simply means taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, thinking for yourself and making your own decisions about right and wrong. That does not sound like a “sin” to me, and yet it is, according to Christian doctrine. “Sin” is defined by the Bible as disobedience to a (Christian defined) concept of God and rejecting the Christian doctrine, although many different doctrines have sprung from that. Therefore, “sinners” are only
“sinners” as defined by Christians who believe and accept these doctrines.

Heritic: “A person who holds controversial opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Proud to be a Heretic,
Gloria Jean

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Religious Bull Crap

I got ordained by the Universal Life Church because I believe everyone is a minister unto themself, or at least should be. Yes, I have my own personal religion. There is only one member in my cult. Me.
There is nothing special about Ordained Ministers or being ordained, but some seem to think they know something about God that the average person does not know. They want to hold a position of authority or council over others and in society. Personally, I think it is an ego thing, perhaps just the basic human need for recognition and respect. I don’t really blame them but sometimes they start to actually believe the bull crap they peddle and they start thinking they are better than other people.

So I like to call myself “reverand” or “high priestess.” That irks them. I am legally ordained, and just as legal as they are. That irks them too. I am up front about where I got ordained and they have checked into the Universal life Church and found some stuff on one of the many churches on the Internet (not the founding Church but some other ones.) and they had a lot of critical things to say about it. It had nothing to do with me or my beliefs, or the purpose of the Universal Life Church. Each Church can form its own beliefs. It doesn’t matter what they are.

But that’s not what I am all about. I just wanted to share. I have fun with it. Is it a joke? A little bit, but I believe I am making a statement. Some consider me a rebel because I am not a Christian, and they call me a Witch because I read Tarot Cards. Perhaps I am a little of both in their eyes. But I do not to let them or society define me.

You might ask why I would do things to irk the local religious establishment. I guess because they irk me sometimes. Perhaps they could use a wakeup call. I think they are drowning in their own screwed up traditions and ideas. I don’t believe the bull crap they peddle.I am not a sinner so I don’t need to be saved. You have to be a Christian to be a sinner or at least you have to buy into the idea of “sin” and accept their definition of you as a “sinner” which I don’t. The word “sin” is meaningless.

My intention is to live my life the way I want, not according to what people try to tell me. I follow my heart. I decide what I think is right and wrong for me. Its a lonely path, but very rewarding.

I have a good sense of humor and I don’t take anything too seriously. Some people take everything too damn seriously. They stress too much. I say to them, lighten up people! Thats bad for your heath you know.

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