The Law of Unintended Consequences

Who is responsible for them?

“The Law of Unintended Consequences holds that almost all human actions have at least one unintended consequence.”

But many human actions are simply reactions with no conscious intention behind them in the first place, therefore all consequences that follow these reactions could be deemed to having been “unintended.”

Such as: “Duh gee…You startled me, I didn’t intend to shoot you.” said this:

Unintended consequences, or situations where the final outcome is unexpected, can be classed into roughly three groups:

* positive, usually referred to as serendipity or a windfall
* a source of problems, according to Murphy’s law
* definitively negative or a perverse effect, which is the opposite result to the one intended

I don’t agree that an “unintended consequence” implies anything positive such as a “windfall’ (or good luck) simply because the word “consequence” implies a negative unwanted result that may be costly. If it were positive, it would have been called an “unintended reward” and if it were neutral, it would have been called an “unintended result.”

I also do not agree that the law of unintended consequences has anything to do with Murphy’s law, or that there is anything even real about “Murphy’s law” which is more of a joke about bad luck than any kind of scientific law. Nor do I believe that the “law of unintended consequences” points to a result that is the opposite result to the one actually intended, although that is one of many possibilities.

When people use the term “the law of unintended consequences” to describe a situation, what they probably mean by it is “collateral damage” or “an accident,” or “bad luck.” It seems to me that they are just making excuses for careless or thoughtless actions. There are always quantum reasons for accidents, collateral damage and bad luck. These results follow wrong thinking and wrong actions of known or unknown origin, which could be from a combination of different human actions where consideration and responsibility for said actions is denied.

A series of automatic reactions to an event or perceived experience can cause havoc and chaos and any number of consequences which might be explained as “the law of unintended consequences” or “collateral damage.” This damage results because there is nothing positive about automatically reacting to something. Any true automatic reaction is negative and devoid of any real willful conscious intent. It is usually simply a person following a pattern of programed responses. They do not stop to even consider the consequences. They simply react according to programing, instinct and patterns.

This negative reaction is not necessarily always undesirable or “wrong.” It is just not thought out. But we can’t always “think out” every automatic reaction, such as swatting a fly or running from an angry bear. Sometimes these automatic reactions can save our life, an sometimes they can get us into worse trouble. My point is, they are automatic programed responses, not conscious intentions.

Also, some people are not honest about their true intentions. They may try to interfere with other people’s personal life or business and declare that their intention was to help, when really their true intention was to control the situation or the person, or some other intention or agenda. If the results of their actions cause chaos or consequences, they might think of it according to “the law of unintended consequences” in order to deflect the blame from themselves.

Consequences are negative results and prices paid for reactions and actions, (intended or not.) “Unintended consequences” are the negative results and prices paid for reactions and actions that were unknown, unexpected or not considered.

You might say that one cannot possibly be aware of all of the ramifications of their act as there are an infinite number of possible consequences. So how can a person avoid being the cause of bad consequences? You cannot really, but you can decrease them. The cause of bad consequences generally come from wrong actions or wrong thinking so the answer to this dilema is to act with divine love and compassion, and to do what is right and what is for the good of all concerned if possible.

If your act is one of kindness, love and compassion, any unintended consequences of that act will be because of the negative reactive situation at work from other angles and not because of your act. Some situations in play are past the point of no return, having too many influences of bad thoughts and bad decisions influencing them and just have to play themselves out to a conclusion. You can either make them worse or better by adding your positive actions or negative reactions. There is no way to know how a single act of kindness will change the situation or a person’s life, and there is no way of knowing how a negative act of cruelty or selfishness will impact the situation.

If you act with love and kindness, then you can rest assured that you have probably improved the situation even if it cannot be known. You are 100% responsible for everything you create, and that includes unintended consequences. So always do the right thing and you will sleep better at night. Chances are you improved the situation by your actions.

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The Cinderella Complex

Cinderella Complex

Based on Colette Dowling’s 1981 book The Cinderella complex:,The Cinderella complex is an unconscious desire to be taken care of by others, based primarily on a fear of being independent.

Frankly, I am a insulted by that theory because I think that most women want to be independent. Could I be wrong? Since it is an “unconscious” desire, perhaps it is hidden from the waking consciousness. I acknowledge that everyone wants to be happy and safe, but why would anyone want to be dependant on someone else? No, I just don’t buy it.

I have always felt that the “Cinderella Complex,” (if there is such an affliction) is the idea that you can (and should ) live happily ever after with a man, or the belief that someday “your prince will come,” or a handsome knight in shinning armor will ride up on his white horse and rescue you from some dreaded fate. The Cinderella Complex, is the idea that you have a soul mate somewhere, and maybe you will meet him some day. So you keep looking.

knight208.jpg Fantasy

This is the fantasy we have been brought up with. If you don’t believe me, try reading a few romance novels. Never mind reading, just look at the cover of the books. These books will take you all the way to the climax of romance satisfaction and then end with the “and they lived happily ever after” fantasy. Nope I have not read these books, I don’t have to. I already know the ending.

Romance Novels Romance Novels

It’s a hook with a juicy worm. Don’t bite. The “Happily ever after” is never explored in these stories because they don’t want you to know the truth. Besides, that’s no longer a romance. It is a drama, or a horror story, like “The burning Bed.” or “Sleeping with the enemy.” or “Married with children.” Relationships are not that simple. Romance is temporary. Marriage is an institution. Just be prepared for the “happily ever after.”

If I am way off base here, I would like to hear from someone who is living the “happily ever after with the opposite sex. I will ask for your spouse’s phone number to confirm it of course. It has to be happy on both sides to qualify.

Your HusbandYour Wife

The Happy Couple

If you are going to get married here is my advice: To women:

1. Don’t (You won’t take it so..)

2. Do a criminal background check.

3. Talk to his ex-wife.

4. Make him fill out an application.

6. Check his work record and his credit record.

7. Make sure he can support you and the child you will make.

8. Get your own bank account and your own income or job.

9. Get a pre-nuptial agreement and a deposit.

10. Take inventory about what you both want and expect out of the relationship.

For a Man: All of the above applies to men also.


All in good humor of course. Have fun folks! Live the dream.

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There is no such thing as magic.

The Power of Intention


There is no such thing as magic, but that which appears to be magic are creative intentions at work which seem to be very magical. The power of intention has been written about in so many books that it would seem to be a fact. There is nothing magic about it.

The fact is, you can sit around wishing, visualizing, affirming and hoping for something until the cows come home and leave again, but until you ignite your vision with intention, nothing seems to move forward. It is intention that ignites the person to take action, but intention is not the action itself, it is the decision to have, to be or to do.

Imagination is the tool used to shape our intentions into the desired outcome. Do you imagine you will fail? Does this imagined failure prevent you from moving forward? If so, then you have already defeated yourself. If you truly intend to be or have or do something, the decision has already been made and the path is clearly before you. Failure is not a consideration. You do not “try” to do, you just do; and you will always do what you choose to do, and you will never do what you do not choose to do. The person who says , “I had no choice” is a liar.

You cannot have anything, go anywhere, or be anything if you do not know what you want. Therefore you must decide what it is that you want. This is the first step. Is sounds so simple, but it is not as simple as it seems. So many people are drifting with the tide of everyday situations moving entirely within and because of the whims of others. Every moment of their day is dictated by others, and when they find a moment of their own, they don’t quite know what to do with it. What most people don’t realize is that how you choose to spend your time is the most important decision you can make. How you spend your money is not as important as how you spend your time. How much of your time do you really own?

Stating your intentions out loud brings them powerfully into the first step of manifestation, even if you are the only person who can hear the verbal statement. Whatever it takes to move you to a decision and action, that is what you should do. If stating your intentions out loud to yourself, or writing them down is not enough then you might want to gather a few friends together and have an intention convention. It is like a brainstorming session, only much more productive. Stating your intentions to a close friend who will support you gives energy and motivation to the decisions you make. Creative visualization and intentions are the seeds that will sprout the outcomes that you desire. Once you have stated your intention, believe that you have it. You must be prepared to receive that which is already yours.

All so-called magic and ritual is merely a means by which a person creates belief in that which they have petitioned (themselves, God or the creative universe) for. The ritual itself is powerless; as are all symbols and charms. A symbol has no meaning or power except for what the conscious and unconscious mind has given it. They are hypnotic shortcuts to the subconscious that serve to jump start the visual pictures required to manifest intentions.

Where the appearance of magic comes in is that all of life is connected in a holographic reality where every action has an effect on everything else. Unseen quantum creative forces are constantly at work to manifest that which is petitioned for according to the energy and the images impressed upon it. Both good and not so good things come into manifestation because of all the different creative minds sending forth signals and impressions. In short, we are co-creators of our own reality and we are responsible for it. But there is no magic, and there is no one to blame. It is the Science of Quantum Alchemy. We all use it whether we realized it or not. It is where the saying “You are your own worst enemy” came from. You can be your own best friend, if you understand how your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, feelings and most of all, your intentions, create your personal reality.

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Time Travel To Fix Mistakes of the Past

It is probably possible to go back in time and relive part of your life if you screw it up the first few times. I believe this is possible because it actually happened to me. At least I think it did. I can understand how it can happen now, after reading the book “The holographic Universe.” It makes perfect sense.

When I woke up I did not know where in time I had landed. My first waking thought was “Where am I?” But the question was about “time.” It was: “Where am I in time?” I have woke up from a deep sleep many times before, but it has never before occurred to me to wonder where, in time, I was, so this was a very interesting development. In trying to locate where I was I reviewed my life, and the next question I asked myself as I looked around was who was I married to? Then my surroundings came into focus and I realized where I was.

When I realized where in time I had landed (found myself) I became panic stricken. I was married to my second husband and the dark oppressive feeling that went with that bore down on me with a feeling of impending doom.

I was on the verge of a panic attack and my memory of where I had just come from, faded and all I could retain was one single thought. It was, “I have got to divorce this man.” My life depended on it. That one thought changed my future.

I can only speculate where in time I had come from or what had happened in that other time line, but I am guessing that I had died. It doesn’t really matter. They say there are many realities that split off with certain choices that you make along the way. Lets say I made a bad choice somewhere in some other time line that lead to my death and I decided to come back and give myself another chance. The problem is, you don’t get to keep clear memories. You have to learn to listen to your gut feelings and your intuition or inner voice. You have to try to retain those higher memories. I remembered only one thing. I had to get a divorce. This marriage had been a big mistake. I was way down the wrong path and approaching the point of no return.

I did get the divorce. My life would not move forward in that situation. It was just wrong. Today, I am still alive and a very happy person. Who knows if I actually lived my life over again or not? There is no real proof. My memories are fuzzy. But I see visions of other realities that I have lived through in four other timelines of this life and all of them are really messed up. This one l am in right now is actually the best of the four that I have seen, and its not all that fantastic. But when I look at the others I am glad to be where I am. Everything happens at the same instant in eternity. There really is no time. There is only infinity, and the many paths our consciousness travels through it.

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