The Evolution of Cell phones and my desire to have one… or not.

The Evolution of Cell phones and my desire to have one… or not.

I remember when I first caught a gander of a very small cell phone that you had to flip up to talk to someone on. Yes, I admit it, I wanted one. I was very impressed. It was not in real life that I saw this marvel of technology, it was in a movie. The man with the phone in the movie was an obscenely wealthy drug dealer ordering a hit on someone.

At that time I had only seen one cell phone in person, and it was a huge monster that required the owner to carry around a large battery pack for it to continue to work. It was in the possession of a woman artist who confided in me that she was a Russian princess in hiding and that most of her family and many of her ancestors had been murdered. (Or is the term “assassinated” more appropriate?) Nevertheless, she was very mysterious and I was curious and impressed, not because she was a Russian Princess, but that she had a cell phone.

Later, cell phones evolved to where the average business man could afford them, but he was usually a very important and well paid man who had to keep in touch with his very important network of people. I remember thinking how nice it would be to be that rich and/or important. This was during the era when small time drug dealers were all still wearing pagers, and pagers had become something of a status symbol for people who wanted to make a statement of how important they were or that they could get you some drugs. Soon all the cool kids were carrying pagers to school. It meant that they were connected to.. well, someone. (Even if it was not a drug dealer, it made them look cool.) I also remember when they would no longer allow children to bring pagers to schools.

My, how times change. Today, anyone who carries a pager is considered a stone age idiot. (Are there even any more pager companies out there? I don’t know and I don’t care.)

Last week I was in the grocery store and I saw a stringy haired overweight poorly dressed mother of three dirty faced brats who live in one of the few trailer parks in town talking to her husband on her cell phone about the grocery list. She paid for her groceries with food stamps. That is when my desire for a cell phone died completely.

But I began to wonder if I should then consider myself a complete failure in life. I don’t have a cell phone and I have never had one. Now, I don’t want one because they have become too common place. Now I can proudly count myself among the few people who don’t have a cell phone. In fact, when I see people walking around talking on a cell phone, I just count them as invisible people, because they are in some other world and they aren’t going to notice or talk to anyone else, after all, they are on the phone. They are obviously too busy to talk to me or anyone else. Besides, I have always been taught not to bother people when they are on the phone.

cellphone.jpg    No telling who will whip out a cell phone these days.

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Sick of Christmas

Sick of Christmas


<Rant>I’m so damn sick of Christmas

Frankly I am sick of Christmas.  I can hardly stand to turn on the television and flip channels because of all the Christmas movies that seem to be playing their non-stop garbage.

I am also sick of the religious right whining and complaining about how “the left” or someone else  has destroyed Christmas because they feel they aren’t allowed to say or display “Merry Christmas” anymore.  What a bunch crap.  They have been shoving their religious beliefs down everyone’s throat for long enough and now when people start telling them to knock it off they are crying like a bunch of babies.

First of all, Jesus was not born on December 25th.  Second, the winter Solstice holiday is pagan through and through.  Nobody owns the holiday, and everyone is free to celebrate it anyway they darn choose.  But before you go spouting “Merry Christmas” to someone, you should know who you are saying it to because it is not polite to push or practice your religious rituals on others who may not care to share it with you, no matter how much you are sure that you are right and they are wrong.

Also, people who go around trying to show all their wonderful perky Christmas spirit are the same ones who are grumpy and grim the rest of the year.  The spirit of Love and generosity should be practiced all year round, and not just at Christmas.

In our town the Court House displays a nativity scene.  Personally I think its in bad taste.   </rant>

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A word about the Singularity

Is Resistence really Futile?

In a nutshell, the Singularity is the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence. There are several different technologies that are mentioned as heading in this direction, the most common being artificial intelligence, but there are others. (This information taken from

Other technologies headed in this direction are:

1. Direct-brain-computer interfaces,
(The borg came to mind here:)


The website wrote: ( “…before you shout “Borg!”, consider that the Borg are a pure fabrication of Hollywood scriptwriters. We have no reason to believe that telepaths are necessarily bad people. A telepathic society could easily be a nicer place to live than this one.) Or if the thought of clustered humans gives you the willies, consider the whole discussion as being about Artificial Intelligence.”)

Telepaths? Excuse me? We are talking about hooking human brains to computers. I don’t know if they know anything about telepaths, but I have a hunch that isn’t it! I don’t consider connecting human brains to a giant super computer, or to each other, to be “artificial intelligence;” nor would I consider a group of “clustered” humans (connected to each other by a computer) to be “telepaths” or even a “telepathic society” as they compared it to.

I would have to ask them where would they draw the line between individual thoughts and programed thinking coming in through the collective mind. Apparently the story of the “borg” is more than just fiction after all. It just hasn’t evolved to that point yet. Do we really want to go there? I don’t! They sound like draconian aliens trying to figure a way to engineer humans into the hive thinking of the Zeta alien clones who are said to be doing all the abductions of humans. No thanks guys, we humans like to think as individuals, not as a collective.

2. Biological augmentation of the brain,
(Huh? Frankenstein comes to mind:) But I believe the term biological augmentation means injections of various types of micro organizms or bacteria meant to improve intelligence. Or maybe it is talking about implants of some kind. Probably so, since it is probably aliens who are doing these experiments on humans. I’m just guessing here, but it all sounds real creepy. Oh they can sure bore you with all their so-called scientific mumbo jumbo bla bla bla. If you can keep your eyes open long enough to read that, you will see that they don’t know what the heck they are doing, and they just want you to send them money.


3. Genetic engineering,
(Human and animal genetic hybreds come to mind, but you can let your imagination run on this.) I dreamed about this once. A nightmare would be more like it. I was on an elevator and it opened at level 13. I saw cages wherein there were all manner of strange creatures, part human. It scared the ba-jeesus out of me and I got out of there fast. Hey it was just a dream, but a very vivid one.


4.ultra high-resolution scans of the brain followed by computer emulation.
(Artificial people come to mind or androids, Here is a picture of an ultra high resolution monkey brain)


I did not read anything about any kind of speculation as to the existence of a soul, or spirit on the entire website.

Why would humans want to create an intelligence smarter than them or a computer that can rewrite its programing? Are they serious?

A computer program has no real creative faculty. It cannot think, it can only process information. That is probably why they want to mix human with computer, because they instinctively know this although they would not admit it.

Its no wonder they are wanting to improve human intelligence, they must realize how stupid they are. I suppose they think I am stupid for believing that there is more to life than the brain and intelligence. They must be aliens because humans have more spiritual awarness than that. Yes, that must be it, they are aliens together with a few stupid humans.

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The Worst Television Show in the Universe

I know what hell would be like.

I would be tied up in a room and forced to watch

Little House on the Prairie re-runs for eternity.

The show sucks.




The Show:

You are drawn into their petty little family dramas with a story that always has a moral at the end. The family pretends to have problems but always comes through them with a lesson to be learned about the perfect family and their loving father.

It bares no resemblance to the average disfunctional family drama. Its not funny, or scary, or entertaining. It is annoying, sort of like stale tasting bubble gum that only serves to keep you chewing and blowing bubbles. The show attempts to serve as an example to us what a perfect family should be like, and what yours is not like. I can’t stand to watch that “goody two shoes” garbage. I can’t believe it did not get canceled after the first week. That is really scary. That means there are people out there that actually love and watch that show. How horrifying!! (My mother loves it, but then my mother is a saint.)

The next in line, coming in as the

second worst show in the Universe
is the horror show “Touched by an Angel.”


(Aliens posing as angels sent by God.)

The Show:

It’s message is basically “God loves you, ( straiten up your disfunctional life, you stupid fuck, and stop feeling sorry for yourself.”) The part I hate the most is where the “angel” reveals that she is an angel as she glows around the edges.

If someone told me they were an angel and started glowing I would call the NORAD and tell them to come pick up their lost glowing alien creature. (Not that I don’t believe in angels, I just think most of them are “evil” aliens, and that there is a very good possibility that they are probably not human and never have been.

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Save Yourself

According to the Bible, if you disobey God, or if you do not believe in the teachings of the Bible or in Jesus as the Savior, and the son of God, that unbelief is considered rejection of God and labeled “a sin.” By default, then, according to Christianity, anyone who is not Christian and who does not accept and believe in the Christian doctrine and the Christian God is “a sinner.”

Most Christians will insist that there is only One true God and if you agree with them they have you over a barrel, because if there truly is only One God, and you do not worship their perception of that One God, then they will then tell you that you are “rejecting” God or “refusing” to believe. Therefore you will be labeled “sinner.”

Although in the old testament there was a lot of talk of “sin,” today Christianity has embraced and taken ownership of the concept. Anyone who refuses to accept their concept of God are then “against God” or “rejecting God,” hence, sinners. Through their perspective, no other religion can own the concept of sin and call other people sinners, because it is their belief that they worship “false Gods” anyway.

If you find that your life is made better by allowing a cult or religion to define you and tell you how to live each moment of your life, that is your choice and you should cling to those doctrines with all your might; but if you are tired of some preacher telling you that you are a sinner and telling you that you shouldn’t do this and can’t do that because of some passage he found in the Bible, then you should probably ask yourself if what they are telling you makes any real logical or rational sense.

Whether you believe the soul is eternal or not, if you accept the Christian doctrine you are expected to believe some pretty unbelievable things, and if you do not believe (or “reject” them,) you are defined (by them) as a “sinner.” How long are you going to live your life letting other people and their doctrines define you? There are no sinners outside of Religious doctrine and Christianity except by another Christian’s definition of them.

If you refuse to be defined by religious and Christian doctrines, you cannot be a sinner, because the term was created and is owned only by them. In truth, the word “sin” is empty and meaningless. It is a mote point. So save yourself from the bondage of sin forever, and define yourself. Reject their definition of you. Do what is right with love. Think Truth, be Truth, Speak truth. There is no such thing as “sin.”

This does not mean there is no “right” or “wrong” concepts in living your life. It simply means taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, thinking for yourself and making your own decisions about right and wrong. That does not sound like a “sin” to me, and yet it is, according to Christian doctrine. “Sin” is defined by the Bible as disobedience to a (Christian defined) concept of God and rejecting the Christian doctrine, although many different doctrines have sprung from that. Therefore, “sinners” are only
“sinners” as defined by Christians who believe and accept these doctrines.

Heritic: “A person who holds controversial opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Proud to be a Heretic,
Gloria Jean

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Until Death do us…

Death and Marriage

I'm a Blog of the Day!

Marriage kills the soul and the joy of autonomy for both the man and the woman but mostly the woman. Can two people really “become as one” without loosing their own soul and who they are? I don’t think so. If two people become one, then it is because one of them has consumed the other one.

In the above picture, the death card shows a vampire man, and a “dead” woman getting married. He has already sucked the life’s breath out of her soul, or he plans to, so she is represented by a skull. That is her future and her energy. It could just as well be the other way around. It is not always the man who consumes the woman, but that is what society accepts as “normal.”

Most of the time married people spend their life in battle trying to change each other. They do this for most of their marriage until they are in so deep financially they can’t escape. The STATE charges a fee to marry you and they charge even more to let you get divorced. And for what? What business does the government have making rules for a personal relationship of any kind?

Down with marriage I say!! It is evil. It is not “a man, a woman and God.” It is a man, a woman and THE STATE.

If you are married, my advice is get a divorce. It is worth the money. If you are “in love,” you should see a shrink. Being “In Love” is the same as being “Insane.” If you are thinking about marriage ask yourself why would you want to bring the government into your life that way? If you must, just live together. If you want to share property just buy it in both of your names. If you want a contract, draw one up, but for your sake, and your partner’s, do not get married.

If you invite me to your wedding I will send a sympathy card. I will come dressed in black, and when the man asks if there is anyone who knows why these two people should not be bound together in the institution of matrimony, I wlll stand up and give a speech you will not forget.

Oh I believe people can love one another! But true love needs no bondage. It is free love. (Free love is not free sex either, like so many hippy’s used to think.) It is just divine love.

But marriage is all about money, property, and raising children. A man always pays for sex whether he knows it or not. He either hires a professional or he buys an idiot who agrees to bare his children if he marry’s her. Then the battle begins. Marriage is also about owning another person. You are MY wife, I am YOUR husband. If you think your are free, think again.

If you are older, there is no reason to get married. If you are young, chances are you, as a women, will end up alone with three kids and no child support trying to survive working two jobs and neglecting your children. If you are a man, your eyes may wander and your wife will sue you for divorce and take your kids, your home and your dog away from you, or else the government will hound you for the rest of your life for child support payments just because you did not know anything about birth control.

Need some advice? Drop me a line. But you know how I feel about marriage already. I see nothing wrong or sinful about sex with another consenting adult, but to do it only with each other until death do we part? In your dreams!! Marriage contracts should be for five or ten years at best, beyond such time they will expire if not renewed. Decisions about the children can be written up in a contract.

As for gays getting married, the advice is the same. You are idiots to want to get married. If gays start getting married they won’t be “gay” anymore. They will be “miserable” like the rest of the married population.

To any man I may date in the future: I will loose all respect for your intelligence if you even suggest that we get married. (Not that any man would, I’m just giving advanced warning.)

P.S. (Added Later)
This is not to say that no marriages work. Some can and do. But what if you could form workable partnerships without all the baggage of marriage? I think that would be nice. Partnerships should be an equal give and take and a win win situation for each person. Both should be happy.

Reverand Priestess Gloria Jean
Single and loving it.

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