Mysteries and Conspiracy Theory Questions

Are Zionists trying to take over the world?

What was the real reason for the World Trade Center attack?

Are extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional aliens planning to invade earth or are they already here?

Is our government really experimenting with time travel?

Who or what is behind UFO’s?

What are they really doing at area 51 and why does our government deny it exists?

What is the real function of the CIA?

Has our Government made contact with extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional aliens or made a deal with them?

What is the Federal Reserve and is it really bankrupt?

Who or what is behind cattle mutilations?

What is behind the big foot sightings?

Are Zionists controlled by extraterrestrials?

Is George Bush human?

Has cloning really been done on humans?

Are there really secret underground facilities we are not told about?

What makes the royal family so damn special?

Do all or most of our past presidents really have royal blood?

Why do the Mormons keep so many genealogy records?

Was Joseph Smith abducted by aliens or did he really see angels or was he just on drugs?

Who is behind the unexplained crop circles?

Who are the real men in black?

Is the moon hollow?

Is the earth hollow?

Where are the two missing moons of mars?

If our government does not know what UFO’s are why don’t they just say so.

If they do, why don’t they tell us?

Enquiring minds want to know.

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