In Memory of Sept. 11

A Poem from a Skeptic ConspiracyTheorist

The Tower


Let’s Play
Verse 1
By Gloria Jean
Written: April 3, 2003

In Memory of the Collapse of the Tower,

Universal Tarot Symbol of the breakdown

of the Status Quo where truth is exposed.


Let’s play the game of powers,
a contest to the finish,
destroy the tallest towers,
see who we can diminish.


Let’s play the game of lies
and see what folks believe;
let’s see who money buys,
let’s practice to deceive.


Let’s play the game of wars,
a blood bath to the death;
my people against yours
until their final breath.


Let’s break each other’s heart
then revel in the pain,
Let’s tear the place apart
and build it up again.




Let’s Play
Verse 2
Written: Sept. 11, 2005

In Memory of the Fema Failure

New Orleans/ Katrina

and other Darkness


Let’s play the game disaster
And help the death along
Let’s flood the city faster
Even if its wrong.


Let’s terrorize the masses
And break their stubborn will
Let’s give commando classes
And teach them how to kill.


Let’s play the game of drugs
And tell them that “we try!”
Let’s pull out all the plugs
And drain their pockets dry.


Let’s break the people’s heart
then celebrate their pain,
Let’s tear the place apart
and build it up again

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