Today’s Music Videos suck.

Remember the old fashioned song and dance variety shows that used to be on television? I enjoyed them.  Shows like Dean Martin or Ed Sullivan.

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I like to actually see an artist perform their music.  That is what a music video used to be about.  Not any more!

Today’s music videos are little mini movies or clips with background music. Some of them are downright ugly and disturbing.  Remember when a music video actually had a performance in it?  I have been watching some of these new music videos done by today’s popular artists and I have to say that I hate most of them.  In fact, some of them actually make me dizzy and nauseated.

So the artist might say that they are making a statement.  I don’t care. Whatever the statement, I don’t want to here or see it.   I just want to see some talent and the people performing it.  I don’t want a bunch of badly filmed clips with music behind it.

I loved watching Justin Timberlake perform on the Jay Leno show singing “I’m bringing sexy back.” but I just saw his video of that song and what an ugly  piece of crap.  It’s like some of the junk they are calling art these days.  Ugly ugly ugly!   And yet his performance on Jay Leno had me on the list to be one of his fans.

I want to ask anyone who is involved in the music business:  What ever happened to a video where you could actually see the band or singer doing a preformance?  Put your feeling into the song and stop trying to manipulate the veiwer with your images.

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