There is no such thing as magic.

The Power of Intention


There is no such thing as magic, but that which appears to be magic are creative intentions at work which seem to be very magical. The power of intention has been written about in so many books that it would seem to be a fact. There is nothing magic about it.

The fact is, you can sit around wishing, visualizing, affirming and hoping for something until the cows come home and leave again, but until you ignite your vision with intention, nothing seems to move forward. It is intention that ignites the person to take action, but intention is not the action itself, it is the decision to have, to be or to do.

Imagination is the tool used to shape our intentions into the desired outcome. Do you imagine you will fail? Does this imagined failure prevent you from moving forward? If so, then you have already defeated yourself. If you truly intend to be or have or do something, the decision has already been made and the path is clearly before you. Failure is not a consideration. You do not “try” to do, you just do; and you will always do what you choose to do, and you will never do what you do not choose to do. The person who says , “I had no choice” is a liar.

You cannot have anything, go anywhere, or be anything if you do not know what you want. Therefore you must decide what it is that you want. This is the first step. Is sounds so simple, but it is not as simple as it seems. So many people are drifting with the tide of everyday situations moving entirely within and because of the whims of others. Every moment of their day is dictated by others, and when they find a moment of their own, they don’t quite know what to do with it. What most people don’t realize is that how you choose to spend your time is the most important decision you can make. How you spend your money is not as important as how you spend your time. How much of your time do you really own?

Stating your intentions out loud brings them powerfully into the first step of manifestation, even if you are the only person who can hear the verbal statement. Whatever it takes to move you to a decision and action, that is what you should do. If stating your intentions out loud to yourself, or writing them down is not enough then you might want to gather a few friends together and have an intention convention. It is like a brainstorming session, only much more productive. Stating your intentions to a close friend who will support you gives energy and motivation to the decisions you make. Creative visualization and intentions are the seeds that will sprout the outcomes that you desire. Once you have stated your intention, believe that you have it. You must be prepared to receive that which is already yours.

All so-called magic and ritual is merely a means by which a person creates belief in that which they have petitioned (themselves, God or the creative universe) for. The ritual itself is powerless; as are all symbols and charms. A symbol has no meaning or power except for what the conscious and unconscious mind has given it. They are hypnotic shortcuts to the subconscious that serve to jump start the visual pictures required to manifest intentions.

Where the appearance of magic comes in is that all of life is connected in a holographic reality where every action has an effect on everything else. Unseen quantum creative forces are constantly at work to manifest that which is petitioned for according to the energy and the images impressed upon it. Both good and not so good things come into manifestation because of all the different creative minds sending forth signals and impressions. In short, we are co-creators of our own reality and we are responsible for it. But there is no magic, and there is no one to blame. It is the Science of Quantum Alchemy. We all use it whether we realized it or not. It is where the saying “You are your own worst enemy” came from. You can be your own best friend, if you understand how your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, feelings and most of all, your intentions, create your personal reality.

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