Equinox Sept 23, 2006

A Pagan celebration in a Bible belt town

Fall is here and the Equinox brings a celebration festival in our town. We had some tables set up at the courthouse lawn and an art show inside the courthouse. It was a blustery day. The outlaw Black Jack Ketchum and two of his partners tried to rob a bank but they were both closed. They were mad about that so they shot the mayor. Later we enjoyed Elvis singing. The best part was the home made cheese onion bread and other home made goodies for sale.


I didn’t enter any paintings in the art show this year. Everyone asked me why, and I told them “Oh give someone else a chance to win.” LOL

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September 11th, Monday

I begin my journal on September 11, as that date seems to live in infamy and it symbolizes the beginning of the end. I did not call this catagory “Daily” Journal because it is highly unlikely that I will write in it on a daily basis. My world on the outer is peaceful and cluttered. Days pass by quickly and some of them look the same. Am I going in circles or staying in the same day? There is a feeling that things are tick tick ticking into place for the big event, whatever that is. Maybe it is nothing. Maybe my life will tick tick tick away, one relatively uneventfull day after another. I don’t mind really. I rather enjoy it.

What a nice day it is today! Cool and damp and the sun is shining. I will be signing off and I will not be posting in this catagory (Journal) until something actually happens or changes. Take a deep breath and enjoy the peace.

(Advice to self.) I intend to do that. (Answer to self) You do what ever you want to do. (To any readers of this Blog.)

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