Sick of Christmas

Sick of Christmas


<Rant>I’m so damn sick of Christmas

Frankly I am sick of Christmas.  I can hardly stand to turn on the television and flip channels because of all the Christmas movies that seem to be playing their non-stop garbage.

I am also sick of the religious right whining and complaining about how “the left” or someone else  has destroyed Christmas because they feel they aren’t allowed to say or display “Merry Christmas” anymore.  What a bunch crap.  They have been shoving their religious beliefs down everyone’s throat for long enough and now when people start telling them to knock it off they are crying like a bunch of babies.

First of all, Jesus was not born on December 25th.  Second, the winter Solstice holiday is pagan through and through.  Nobody owns the holiday, and everyone is free to celebrate it anyway they darn choose.  But before you go spouting “Merry Christmas” to someone, you should know who you are saying it to because it is not polite to push or practice your religious rituals on others who may not care to share it with you, no matter how much you are sure that you are right and they are wrong.

Also, people who go around trying to show all their wonderful perky Christmas spirit are the same ones who are grumpy and grim the rest of the year.  The spirit of Love and generosity should be practiced all year round, and not just at Christmas.

In our town the Court House displays a nativity scene.  Personally I think its in bad taste.   </rant>

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