Why Blog anyway? Nobody reads this stuff.

Why Blog?
Does anybody really read this stuff?

The question I have is why blog? Or perhaps I should be asking why do I do it? Why not just type my shit into the computer and store it in some hidden file that may never be seen again. If I do that, then what is the point? To read it when I am old and have forgotten half of my life? Would that be a way to relive my life again? But who would want to do that? There may be some things you just want to forget.

I will be as honest as possible about this. I guess I just want to connect with other people out there all over the world. In this wonderful age of technology, the Internet is awesome for finding information and now, with blogging we can communicate with the entire world. If we do that, one day we might discover that we like each other and have things in common after all.

One day we might discover that we don’t need to kill each other in war, and that we don’t need governments and military to keep us apart. We can exchange goods and ideas in peace and friendship. What a lofty idea. But is that too much to imagine or hope for? Is that piling it on too thick? Perhaps.

Okay then, if you don’t buy that, maybe I will say that I just want to meet someone and get laid. LOL __ Hey wait, That can’t be true. Well…. I won’t rule out that possibility. But I jest. Truth is, I just like to express myself and bounce it off other people of the same or different opinions. It’s a creative endeavor I suppose. Yes, I am an opinionated out spoken woman and that intimidates a lot of men. That is good. Any man who is intimidated by that is not man enough or smart enough to be my friend anyway. (I say “be my friend” because I am anti-“going-together” and anti-marriage.) The big problem with “going together” is you can’t really divorce him, or give him his ring back because he never gave you one. The problem with marriage is you have to pay or hire a lawyer and that can get messy… but the upside is when that is all over, you know that its really over, or least you should.

I doth rant too much I think.

But I do like intelligent men who dance. I have no delusions however, that I will ever meet one in the flesh. I live in a baron wasteland populated by pop-gutted wheat and pig farmers. Blogging keeps me sane. That’s why I do it.

Of course whether or not I am sane is debatable. I think I am. It’s everyone else that is nuts.

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