The Dark Magician, Infinite Vision Tarot Card.

When watching a movie you can always tell when something frightening is about to happen by listening to the background music. That is the music of the Dark Magician.

He wears a dark cloak and wields a tarnished sword and his face is hidden in the darkness. The darkness is his friend because it hides his presence. . A wolf behind him watches and the full moon shines overhead.

Lock your doors, sound the drums, something evil this way comes. The energy of this card personifies anger, bad intentions, hateful thoughts, black magic or psychic attacks. It can also represent repressed anger that has degenerated into a deep depression that may be hidden and destructive. This card may simply alert you to an angry presence that could be dangerous. You will probably know who it is.

THE DARK MAGICIAN is sometimes a warning and a head’s up. He is telling you to be aware of an enemy who watches you from a hidden place or maybe even lurks in the heart of a close friend. There is jealously, fear, hatred and disdain, behind this energy.

He is the wounded one who has sank into deep despair, sadness, hopelessness and may express these emotions through anger and violence.

It could be intentional dark magic or natural dark magic; which is done on an unconscious level. The focus and feeling of this card is that an enemy lurks closely, searching for your weakness, and for an opportunity to exploit it.

As far as emotional energy, this card represents the ones at the bottom of the barrel, such as grief, depression, anger, fear, hopelessness and desperation.

In a reverse position, repressed or carefully controlled anger or anger that is subsiding from where it once reached an explosive level.

Be aware of things out of place or situations that just don’t seem quite right. Listen to that voice inside that warns you of an enemy’s presence or approach. Be suspicious of that stranger at your door or some casual acquaintance asking personal questions.

Take steps to protect yourself on the psychic level and take note of strange dreams or nightmares. You may never see or recognize this enemy because the work is done behind the scenes and in the shadows or under the guise of a friend.

Take mental notes of situations or events that stand out as being odd or strange, or a person nearby or in the shadow who seems to focus their attention towards you making you uncomfortable.

Now may not be the time to trust every stranger you meet, or play host to so-called friends whose state of depression or anger drains or disrupts your personal energy.

Pay attention to your own thought processes especially if they do not seem normal. Other thoughts could be intruding into your psyche that are not your own especially if you are a sensitive. This dark energy can come in the guise of a friend with a problem.

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