Do Aliens exist?

Do aliens exist?” Recently there have been many sightings in Old Mexico of unidentified flying objects and even several sightings of a flying humanoid looking creature with huge wings. So many people saw these things that the Mexican government acknowledged the event and began investigating it. But like most investigations of these things, nothing was solved.

So do aliens exist?” In answer to that question, I would first I have to ask you to define what you mean by “alien.” If a non-human intelligent sentient species does exist and has made contact with some humans, or abducted some humans, who is to say that they are ‘aliens?’ If they have been living inside the earth or on the earth longer than humans then perhaps humans are just some scientific cross breeding or cloning experiment living on the surface of the earth, thinking that they own it and that everything they can’t explain must be an alien.

So you must first define what you mean by alien. These beings might better be described as natives or inner earth residents. If that is the case, some of them could even be living among humans and breeding with humans until the line between human and non-human has become hard to detect.

But most people who ask this question about aliens are probably thinking about those little gray bastards with the huge eyes, or those weird looking ones with the long noses, or those flesh eating shape shifting reptilian dragons, or the Dracos from Orion who thirst for blood, violence and power, or the Syrian dog soldiers, or the preying mantis race, or the tall blond race from the inner earth. Or maybe you are just wondering who the hell is flying those UFO’s everyone sees.

Like Big foot, I believe that they all exist. But they do not exist in quite the same space that we exist. I believe they cross over the realm border from another dimension. You might want to read a book called “ Hunt for the Skin Walker” by Colm A. Kelleher, PhD and George Knapp. It is a very interesting true account of an independent study of strange cattle mutilations and sightings on a ranch in New Mexico.

I think the mistake most people make is the idea that these beings/creatures come from outer space by way of space ships. I highly doubt that. However I do not doubt that there is intelligent life in some form throughout this entire galaxy. (It would be unlikely if all the stars and planets held no life at all.)

At the risk of being thought of as one of the many crazies, I will admit that I think these ‘aliens’ exist. They probably have always existed. I believe they ‘invaded’ third density earth a long time ago. Lately, more have come across the realm border to our reality. Many people have experienced them. Some can see them and some cannot see them. Some people have made contact and others would not recognize an alien if they were married to one.

But there is a theory that an observer cannot see what he refuses to believe or recognize, and that existence sometimes depends upon the observer. But then that is a completely different argument. Or is it?

Have I seen one? (I don’t think so, but I may have.) But I have seen a mutilated cow, and I have seen strange lights and a strange triangular object in the sky, and so have some of my very close friends. Most people I know have had some sort of unexplained sighting. Let’s face it, we don’t know everything. We could be just like the cattle in the pasture. They are aware that someone takes care of them and brings them water and hay, but they have no idea that one day they will be taken to the slaughter house.

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Mysteries and Conspiracy Theory Questions

Are Zionists trying to take over the world?

What was the real reason for the World Trade Center attack?

Are extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional aliens planning to invade earth or are they already here?

Is our government really experimenting with time travel?

Who or what is behind UFO’s?

What are they really doing at area 51 and why does our government deny it exists?

What is the real function of the CIA?

Has our Government made contact with extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional aliens or made a deal with them?

What is the Federal Reserve and is it really bankrupt?

Who or what is behind cattle mutilations?

What is behind the big foot sightings?

Are Zionists controlled by extraterrestrials?

Is George Bush human?

Has cloning really been done on humans?

Are there really secret underground facilities we are not told about?

What makes the royal family so damn special?

Do all or most of our past presidents really have royal blood?

Why do the Mormons keep so many genealogy records?

Was Joseph Smith abducted by aliens or did he really see angels or was he just on drugs?

Who is behind the unexplained crop circles?

Who are the real men in black?

Is the moon hollow?

Is the earth hollow?

Where are the two missing moons of mars?

If our government does not know what UFO’s are why don’t they just say so.

If they do, why don’t they tell us?

Enquiring minds want to know.

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Players and End Game

This is the End Game

Those who are sucked into the game will react to perceived evil rather than respond to the situation with wisdom and love. They are the people who are least aware of the game. They are either victims or players who want to fancy themselves as warriors for their God. There are players on many levels. You will know a player when they attempt to recruit you to their cause, be it good or evil. You will know a player because they have an agenda.

The agenda usually points back to them in some small way. They want to “save” someone. In addition to that, they want to destroy the enemy which they identify as “evil.” They want to think of themselves as a savior or a champion of a savior. They want someone who is on their side. They will raise an army or start a religion.

They will tell you that you have to make a choice. You will be told that you are either with them or against them. If you do not join them they will place you with their enemy, and have you shot you at dawn.

Or they will just tell you that “you will be sorry when Jesus gets back,” for they believe that all those who do not follow their master will be incinerated by the angels of light. (I am thinking they have some sort of high tech ray guns or some other secret weapon.)

But this is how they understand reality. There is a battle going on, that is for sure, but the battle is so very complicated and I suppose it is necessary. It is love vs. ignorance.

Do people choose evil or is it that they just do not understand love? They don’t know what it is really. The Draco’s don’t understand compassion and are not acquainted with many human emotions.

The battle is between those who don’t know love and those who know love. The ones who don’t know love want to hang on to the ones who do, because they have no love of their own. They destroy that which they don’t understand. They enslave us and keep us as pets and eat us as we do the animals of the earth. They keep us in the dark, they lie to us, they create religions and have us believe that they are gods.

Yet we humans will leave them behind in third density. We grow bored and tired of the earth game. We are ready to go other places.  They want to enslave us, but they do not know our power. We don’t have to check out.  All we have to do is leave.


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The Singularity, A diabolical Alien Plot?

OR “God realization” for scientists or “Nirvana” for nerds?

The Singularity is a predicted future event believed to precede immense technological progress in an unprecedentedly brief time. Futurists give varying predictions as to the extent of this progress, the speed at which it occurs, and the exact cause and nature of the event itself.

The concept, put forth primarily by mathematician Vernor Vinge states the acceleration of technological progress has been the central feature of this century. He argues that we are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth. The precise cause of this change is the imminent creation by technology of entities with greater than human intelligence. Currently the idea is being popularized by Ray Kurzweil. (The Singularity is Near.)

The idea that technology will soon spawn the birth of some form of Artificial General Intelligence which is smarter-than-human includes borg-like technology and projects which seek to combine computers with human brains, currently under the guise of science that is being done for “the good of mankind.”

Not everyone agrees with exactly how the singularity will happen of course.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the idea of the singularity is the atheist scientist’s answer to becoming one with the Universe, or one with “God.”(without actually believing in God of course.)

Instead of “God realization” the scientist will perhaps hook himself up to a computer and become one with — well, all known information. I’ll call it being “One with the Universal data base.” (Ken MacLeod describes the Singularity as “the Rapture for nerds” in his 1998 novel The Cassini Division.)

(Well I guess we all have to aspire towards something greater than ourselves, even if we don’t believe in a higher Intelligence like God.)

So the singularity is the idea that technology will create this super intelligence that will be like a God to scientists, who will gleefully hook their brains up to in order to have access to all information in the known physical universe.

From China, here’s one of the mad scientists at work below:

Robotic scientists in China have succeeded in ‘controlling’ live mice.
Experts at the robot research centre in Shandong Technology University controlled white mice by stimulating micro-electrodes on their heads. The mice obeyed computer-generated commands to, in succession, “turn left”, “turn right” and “move forward”.

Project manager Su Xuecheng said animal robot research is the merger of electronic communication and biology, creating a new scientific discipline. Scientists believe it will eventually lead to new ways of curing disabilities as electronic signals are used to replace damaged nerves.”




Now while there may be some scientists who actually believe these projects will benefit mankind, and indeed some may, I suspect the worst. Something on the order of the movie “Terminator” or “I, Robot” comes to mind, but it is worse than that.

If you will note in the above paragraphs, the mouse was “controlled” by stimulating micro-electrodes in the head. Now I imagine that if the mouse obeyed his commands, he was given a reward. Food probably. I also imagine if he did not obey, then he did not get his reward or may have even been given a shock of some kind for his disobedience.

Can you see where I am going with this? If you don’t I will spell it out for you.


Someone obviously wants to create a race of obedient slaves who have both the qualities of a human and a computer.


Who would want to do such a horrible thing? Humans? (If so, they would have to be very diabolical humans, and I don’t think humans are that evil.) So who then?

I suspect that this technology, once developed, will be placed into the hands of a cold blooded reptilian-type race of beings who will try to use it to enslave mankind. I could be wrong now, but I don’t think so.


Scientists involved in this type of technology, just like the scientists who helped create weapons of mass destruction and biological war fair, probably think they are doing something “for the good of mankind.” Or else they are just greedy and doing it for money.

But governments have proven to be a little on the evil side, and there are some people in this world who play the game of war for profit. Are there really human beings in this world who are that diabolical or are we keeping company with an advanced race of non-human, cold-blooded aliens who are plotting to take over the world? I don’t know the answer to this, I can’t prove it, but I ask you to pay attention. Something is happening right under our noses, very slowly, very silently. There is a predator living among us.

Does this sound a little like science fiction to you? Well perhaps it is. And perhaps I just don’t want to believe that any human would be that diabolical. Humans are spiritual beings.

Will they succeed?

In the end, they will fail. They will do their worst but they will fail in the end. The reason I believe this is not because I think some God is going return to earth to save us. They will fail because they lack imagination, feeling and compassion. All they have is technology, which to us ignorant human beings seems like intelligence or even magic. They are not advanced spiritual beings. They are not Gods. They will fail in the end with their technology. Technology is only useful in the physical third density reality. (Yes, there are other dimensional realities where the power of thought and feeling is all that is required.)

The technological singularity will not happen. Aliens will fail to enslave mankind with their technology. Scientists will not reach (or create) their god of artificial general intelligence. The reason they will fail?

They are all still trapped inside a very small box.

This is not to say that things are not going to get a lot weirder in the next 25 years. Maybe a lot sooner than that. In fact, I predict within 6-8 years you are going to think you stepped into the twilight zone.


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A word about the Singularity

Is Resistence really Futile?

In a nutshell, the Singularity is the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence. There are several different technologies that are mentioned as heading in this direction, the most common being artificial intelligence, but there are others. (This information taken from

Other technologies headed in this direction are:

1. Direct-brain-computer interfaces,
(The borg came to mind here:)


The website wrote: ( “…before you shout “Borg!”, consider that the Borg are a pure fabrication of Hollywood scriptwriters. We have no reason to believe that telepaths are necessarily bad people. A telepathic society could easily be a nicer place to live than this one.) Or if the thought of clustered humans gives you the willies, consider the whole discussion as being about Artificial Intelligence.”)

Telepaths? Excuse me? We are talking about hooking human brains to computers. I don’t know if they know anything about telepaths, but I have a hunch that isn’t it! I don’t consider connecting human brains to a giant super computer, or to each other, to be “artificial intelligence;” nor would I consider a group of “clustered” humans (connected to each other by a computer) to be “telepaths” or even a “telepathic society” as they compared it to.

I would have to ask them where would they draw the line between individual thoughts and programed thinking coming in through the collective mind. Apparently the story of the “borg” is more than just fiction after all. It just hasn’t evolved to that point yet. Do we really want to go there? I don’t! They sound like draconian aliens trying to figure a way to engineer humans into the hive thinking of the Zeta alien clones who are said to be doing all the abductions of humans. No thanks guys, we humans like to think as individuals, not as a collective.

2. Biological augmentation of the brain,
(Huh? Frankenstein comes to mind:) But I believe the term biological augmentation means injections of various types of micro organizms or bacteria meant to improve intelligence. Or maybe it is talking about implants of some kind. Probably so, since it is probably aliens who are doing these experiments on humans. I’m just guessing here, but it all sounds real creepy. Oh they can sure bore you with all their so-called scientific mumbo jumbo bla bla bla. If you can keep your eyes open long enough to read that, you will see that they don’t know what the heck they are doing, and they just want you to send them money.


3. Genetic engineering,
(Human and animal genetic hybreds come to mind, but you can let your imagination run on this.) I dreamed about this once. A nightmare would be more like it. I was on an elevator and it opened at level 13. I saw cages wherein there were all manner of strange creatures, part human. It scared the ba-jeesus out of me and I got out of there fast. Hey it was just a dream, but a very vivid one.


4.ultra high-resolution scans of the brain followed by computer emulation.
(Artificial people come to mind or androids, Here is a picture of an ultra high resolution monkey brain)


I did not read anything about any kind of speculation as to the existence of a soul, or spirit on the entire website.

Why would humans want to create an intelligence smarter than them or a computer that can rewrite its programing? Are they serious?

A computer program has no real creative faculty. It cannot think, it can only process information. That is probably why they want to mix human with computer, because they instinctively know this although they would not admit it.

Its no wonder they are wanting to improve human intelligence, they must realize how stupid they are. I suppose they think I am stupid for believing that there is more to life than the brain and intelligence. They must be aliens because humans have more spiritual awarness than that. Yes, that must be it, they are aliens together with a few stupid humans.

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Do Aliens exist?

Has the invasion begun or is it too late?

That depends on what you mean by the term “alien.”

There are different kinds of “aliens.” There are illegal aliens, (that usually means Mexicans or anyone from South America who has crossed the border into America.) We know they exist, they work in our fields and factories.


There are “extraterrestrials,” or what some say are beings from some other planet that arrived here by spaceship, or some people believe that these aliens actually come from another dimension or alternate reality , not from another planet. We don’t know, because the government won’t tell us. There are people who still doubt that they exist, but more and more people insist that they do. Some say that they have been here since the dawn of mankind. If so, then perhaps we shouldn’t call them “aliens.” Perhaps they have been here all along, maybe even before humans. But I have my own name for them. Non-human intellignet life forms.

For some people the argument is still, “do extraterrestrial aliens exist?” But that argument stays in the company of people who really do not want to know. They just simply say “No of course not.” But there are a lot of educated people who say that they do exist, and many who know they do exist, and there are a few who even talk about it openly. For them, the question of whether or not aliens exist is ridiculous. Of course they do. Their entire lives and occupations involve aliens, UFO’s abductees etc.

Forget the question of whether UFO’S and Aliens are here among us. The big argument going on in the UFO/alien community is whether they are benign or malevolent. Or simply: Are the aliens trying to uplift mankind or are they out to take control of the world so that they can make slaves of us and eat us in public without fear of an uprising of human resistance. The battle of the UFO researchers is an on going one.

But do they truly exist? I can only give you my opinion on that. Yes, I think they certainly do. Can I prove it? No I can’t. How certain am I? 85% certain. These creatures called the “greys” (Zeta) are said to be more like created clones who are connected in some kind of hive mentality. I don’t know if that is true or not. Some say that their creators are the Dracos, an intelligent reptilian race, highly advance in technology. They have the ability to cross over into our reality which is a different vibration from theirs. I think there is enough evidence to support this idea, and quantum physics also supports these possibilities.

I don’t think they are friendly, but that there are some non-human intelligent life forms that are friendly. I don’t think humans are at the top of the food chain either. An interesting book to check out is: “Hunt for the Skin Walker.” by Colm A. Kelleher PH.D. and George Knapp.


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