I am an artist and writer and web designer.

These pages represent my point of view or my current opinion which is always subject to reasonable adjustments.

I may sometimes write with the assumption that there is a higher power, and that I am part of that power.   I may write with the assumption that humans are not the only intelligent life form in this galaxy and that there exists many other forms of non-human intelligent beings. I may write with the assumption that humans are not at the top of the food chain in this galaxy or even on this earth.

I also understand and attempt to write with the assumption that I may be completely wrong.

Therefore, I assert that I exist. Everything else is an opinion.

Published on September 10, 2006 at 8:32 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. our minds create the reality that is. what you see is what you get. you know what you experience, opinions are the facts of your life.

  2. A “fact” is something agreed upon by the majority. But it is still an opinion. A fact that is only considered a fact by one person is probably called an illusion or a delusion, but it too is an opinion.

    An opinion is a temporary conclusion about what has been perceived.

    Universal truths are semi-constant laws of a particular time-space environment.

    Personal truth is direct experience.

    The following is my temporary conclusion. (My opinion.)

  3. nicely put gloria i can do nothing but agree *hears a crackle as hell freezes over when we finally agree* 🙂

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