Don’t get married for any reason.

If you are considering getting married, I would advise against it. Let me tell you why. Most people get married for the wrong reasons. For a man, marriage would probably be a mistake, and for a woman, it’s more like suicide. Few people are happy being married because they enter into that contract thinking the other person is going to make them happy. No such luck. You are responsible for your own happiness.

Also, Most people think that they own their spouse and that comes with all the problems with master-slave relationships. Let me be the first to inform you that nobody owns another person. Our suppose society is somewhat responsible for people feeling this way, but we are responsible for our society as a whole. We are told to feel this way. It is part of our programing. Get over that. Realize there is nothing wrong with being single, and you will probably be happier if you are happy with yourself.

With the new awareness that seems to be appearing, there is really no reason people should not maintain their individuality and stay single, unless their intent is to get a partner and raise children with them. Most marriages are two people who just fell in love with themselves while being admired by each other. Marriage is really a partnership where the partners get the idea that they own each other.

Don’t get married. You could do something more meaningful with your life besides getting married and popping out more children. Enjoy your life. You may think you want kids and a husband, but just give it some very serious thought. Is that really what you want to do with the rest of your life?

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  1. Statistics say that a man is better off married, and a woman not. Single men do not do well–no one to hold their hands in the ICU when they have a stroke. I’ve been married for 33 years and have two children. Of course, I say get married. Unless someone has an amazing job, amazing circle of friends, and hates kids; marriage and family are the best choice for companionship. Single people can be really lonely and isolated. My opinion…

  2. It’s not that I don’t want to get married, I just don’t want to get divorced. I’ve been impoverished once but NEVER AGAIN.

  3. It is what it is.

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