Should we stay in or get out of the body?

Should we stay in or get out of the body?

In spiritual practice, when it comes to whether or not one should get out of the body or stay in it,  I have heard from Robert Monroe in his book “Journeys out of the Body” and I have heard from Paul Twitchell in his books to include his first one,  “In my soul I am free.”  For the most part, I thought that learning this was an important pursuit.  It seemed so magical.

After experimenting with out of body projection and soul travel for a number of years, and after a lot of reading about it, I decided that much like hallucinogenic and drugs, the practice of astral projection or soul travel constitutes more of an escape from  the present manifestation of self than a reaching for enlightenment or finding God.  Most of what you will find are mind created worlds and beings who know less about God and the Universe than you might expect. You can also run into some pretty nasty characters.

Therefore, once again, I seem to have made a complete  turn around in my overall opinion and belief on this subject.  We, as somewhat conscious humans, seem to have manifested from the source, an outward physical body for the purpose of experiencing life.  Never mind how that was accomplished, it was an amazing feat.   To disregard or reject the body, our temple of life, would be a denial of the manifested physical self.

Also, to spend our time in mental anguish and fear worrying about our fate, or trying to get to some place called heaven or the after life is also a form of denial of our current life.  Enjoy your life now.  Live your life now.  This is where your power lies.

Reverend Priestess Gloria

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  1. i just think along these lines and although do know about asrto travel i chose to stay present in this life

  2. Reverend Priestess Gloria

    Those that have been persecuted in past lives, or have made mistakes that can cause one to die, creates a fear that that in ones current life, that is tough to over come.

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