Do Aliens exist?

Do aliens exist?” Recently there have been many sightings in Old Mexico of unidentified flying objects and even several sightings of a flying humanoid looking creature with huge wings. So many people saw these things that the Mexican government acknowledged the event and began investigating it. But like most investigations of these things, nothing was solved.

So do aliens exist?” In answer to that question, I would first I have to ask you to define what you mean by “alien.” If a non-human intelligent sentient species does exist and has made contact with some humans, or abducted some humans, who is to say that they are ‘aliens?’ If they have been living inside the earth or on the earth longer than humans then perhaps humans are just some scientific cross breeding or cloning experiment living on the surface of the earth, thinking that they own it and that everything they can’t explain must be an alien.

So you must first define what you mean by alien. These beings might better be described as natives or inner earth residents. If that is the case, some of them could even be living among humans and breeding with humans until the line between human and non-human has become hard to detect.

But most people who ask this question about aliens are probably thinking about those little gray bastards with the huge eyes, or those weird looking ones with the long noses, or those flesh eating shape shifting reptilian dragons, or the Dracos from Orion who thirst for blood, violence and power, or the Syrian dog soldiers, or the preying mantis race, or the tall blond race from the inner earth. Or maybe you are just wondering who the hell is flying those UFO’s everyone sees.

Like Big foot, I believe that they all exist. But they do not exist in quite the same space that we exist. I believe they cross over the realm border from another dimension. You might want to read a book called “ Hunt for the Skin Walker” by Colm A. Kelleher, PhD and George Knapp. It is a very interesting true account of an independent study of strange cattle mutilations and sightings on a ranch in New Mexico.

I think the mistake most people make is the idea that these beings/creatures come from outer space by way of space ships. I highly doubt that. However I do not doubt that there is intelligent life in some form throughout this entire galaxy. (It would be unlikely if all the stars and planets held no life at all.)

At the risk of being thought of as one of the many crazies, I will admit that I think these ‘aliens’ exist. They probably have always existed. I believe they ‘invaded’ third density earth a long time ago. Lately, more have come across the realm border to our reality. Many people have experienced them. Some can see them and some cannot see them. Some people have made contact and others would not recognize an alien if they were married to one.

But there is a theory that an observer cannot see what he refuses to believe or recognize, and that existence sometimes depends upon the observer. But then that is a completely different argument. Or is it?

Have I seen one? (I don’t think so, but I may have.) But I have seen a mutilated cow, and I have seen strange lights and a strange triangular object in the sky, and so have some of my very close friends. Most people I know have had some sort of unexplained sighting. Let’s face it, we don’t know everything. We could be just like the cattle in the pasture. They are aware that someone takes care of them and brings them water and hay, but they have no idea that one day they will be taken to the slaughter house.

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  1. Well, I guess. If people can see gods, meet them…have close encounters. Alien’s no wonder. But then if someone does not believe then I guess the reality for him is “they don’t exist” and if some do then, obviously it’ll exist for them.

    I remember one of my friend telling me, What if so called intelligent being “aliens” are “human” ourselves in the future?

  2. And I personally think, what you think is what you get. So if you think they do exist that means you’re creating it, along with so many others who believe in it.

    Well rather than putting that energy into something more like creating a “Earth Smile” would be better I guess. That’s a personal opinion.

    Why not create happiness all around and make this place, where we live in wonderful for just not you or me, for everyone on it.


  3. I believe in aliens coz i met with an accident i have seen a greenish light object passing from the sky and dissapearing within 10 seconds and i do believe that aliens exist its interesting

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