Real Prayer is Intention

(Why some people’s prayers are not answered)

Real prayer is when a person makes a decision, has an intention, thinks about, decides upon the things they truly want to have or to be, or the things they need in order to move forward. Real prayer is to visualize that thing clearly with the intention to have or to be that.

Once a decision is made, the Universe conspires to create what you intend. You are the co-creator. The Universe awaits your decision.
This is how you create your own reality with your thoughts. It really works if done correctly. It has nothing to do with God or Jesus or Christianity or any other religion, but it has everything to do with intention and belief and making a decision.

A man got into a cab to go someplace and the cab driver just sat there. The man said why are you just sitting there, lets go! The cab driver said “Because you have not told me where you want to go. The man said, “I don’t know where I want to go.” So there they sat.

Therein lies the answer. If you do not know what you want or where you want to go you will just sit there. Think of the Cab driver as the Universe, waiting for instructions to bring you what you want. If you do not place your order you will either get nothing or you will get what ever you think about.

Most people think about what they don’t want or they think about lack. They see themselves with nothing, they visualize the worst. The universe sees their thoughts and gives them what they don’t want. The universe sees their fears and creates their reality with that.

The other reason your prayers are not answered is because your higher self sees you in the wrong place, with the wrong person, going in the wrong direction. Your higher self knows what your purpose is and you are not being true to that purpose. You are not fulfilling your true purpose, so you will not receive the help you need to continue. Why would your higher self help you do the wrong thing?

If you do not change your life at this point, your higher self will fade into the background and you will be guided by the dark ones. You will sink into a totally negative mind set. Your life will turn to crap. You have stopped listening to your higher self, which is a betrayal of yourself and you have strayed from your mission and purpose. Your prayers will not be answered, because you (the ego) have become your worst enemy.


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  1. i think i accdently did that, how do i get back? i felt amazing for about a week, like i was high on life and i was happy 24/7, then it faded and i was back to normal, boring self, but when i was in this amazing mood i felt like there was someone else in my mind and they would tell me what to do, is this that higher self? am i crazy? does this higher self know everything i am going to do, if so cant we all become physics? please someone talk to me. my aim is bleach 4020 my name is jordon

  2. The higher self is in reality, you. You are an earthly manifestation of the higher self who decided to reach down into this world and live within the boundaries of time and space and the physical world. You must decide to listen to yourself and make your own decisions and do what you know in your heart is right. What you think about is created in your life whether you want it or not, so don’t think about what you don’t want, think always about what you do want and the kind of life you want and the kind of person you want to be. You can become that. Take responsibility for your life and accept what it, but know that you can change your life by changing your thoughts and your attitudes and decisions.

  3. Pray for my life.i want to govierment job in my life.i want to help poor people.

  4. Well we can pray all we want but, when you incarnated you made the decision to do so and with that decision you also made a clear divine plan as to why you would come back to this planet and how you would accomplish that goal. So what I pray for is to find my purpose and why I incarnated here again and what do I have to do to achieve that goal. I feel if you pray for anything other than that then you get into frustration and maybe darkforces will come because your going against your will and the will of gad for the reason your here on earth

  5. GOD not GAD

  6. So basically by praying for anything else like material gain or other earthly pleasures will disrupt your divine plan. Find out first why your here and what your higher self had in mind in the plan then go from there and maybe eventually you will find the other things that you prayed for on this planet. We were meant to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to this planet.

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