Consider this

Consider that you do not know how long you will be living in this life. Look at your life and look at each moment you spend. Do you spend it in hatred or Love? Joy or sorrow? Sadness or Joy? Creativity or worry? Consider that you choose how you percieve things, and you choose how you feel about things. Consider that you create your personal reality by your thoughts and beliefs. You take your energy and your attention and you spend it. What are you spending it on? How much do you have? How much time do you have left? Where is the love? What is your purpose? Consider this.

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  1. okay well what do you spend your time doing here?

  2. this is wonderful knowledge. it’s changing my life. i’ll let you know what happens. write back who ever you areDean

  3. i also think you need negative emotions, without them how would we learn and grow?

  4. I do not fear death as I believe that it is a rebirth. All i wish is that we beleive in one-antoher and not live in fear of tomorrow.

  5. To Jim above:
    I am glad that you do not fear death. But fearing death was not the subject of my post “consider this.” The point was to consider how we choose to spend each moment and our life. We create our moments, and each lifetime has a limited duration in this world. This personality will die, although our higher self will not. I see death not as rebirth but as graduation to the next step for that spirit. Never live in fear of tomorrow, you are correct. Tomorrow does not exist. Only NOW.

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