A word about the Singularity

Is Resistence really Futile?

In a nutshell, the Singularity is the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence. There are several different technologies that are mentioned as heading in this direction, the most common being artificial intelligence, but there are others. (This information taken from http://www.singinst.org/what-singularity.html)

Other technologies headed in this direction are:

1. Direct-brain-computer interfaces,
(The borg came to mind here:)


The website wrote: ( “…before you shout “Borg!”, consider that the Borg are a pure fabrication of Hollywood scriptwriters. We have no reason to believe that telepaths are necessarily bad people. A telepathic society could easily be a nicer place to live than this one.) Or if the thought of clustered humans gives you the willies, consider the whole discussion as being about Artificial Intelligence.”)

Telepaths? Excuse me? We are talking about hooking human brains to computers. I don’t know if they know anything about telepaths, but I have a hunch that isn’t it! I don’t consider connecting human brains to a giant super computer, or to each other, to be “artificial intelligence;” nor would I consider a group of “clustered” humans (connected to each other by a computer) to be “telepaths” or even a “telepathic society” as they compared it to.

I would have to ask them where would they draw the line between individual thoughts and programed thinking coming in through the collective mind. Apparently the story of the “borg” is more than just fiction after all. It just hasn’t evolved to that point yet. Do we really want to go there? I don’t! They sound like draconian aliens trying to figure a way to engineer humans into the hive thinking of the Zeta alien clones who are said to be doing all the abductions of humans. No thanks guys, we humans like to think as individuals, not as a collective.

2. Biological augmentation of the brain,
(Huh? Frankenstein comes to mind:) But I believe the term biological augmentation means injections of various types of micro organizms or bacteria meant to improve intelligence. Or maybe it is talking about implants of some kind. Probably so, since it is probably aliens who are doing these experiments on humans. I’m just guessing here, but it all sounds real creepy. Oh they can sure bore you with all their so-called scientific mumbo jumbo bla bla bla. If you can keep your eyes open long enough to read that, you will see that they don’t know what the heck they are doing, and they just want you to send them money.


3. Genetic engineering,
(Human and animal genetic hybreds come to mind, but you can let your imagination run on this.) I dreamed about this once. A nightmare would be more like it. I was on an elevator and it opened at level 13. I saw cages wherein there were all manner of strange creatures, part human. It scared the ba-jeesus out of me and I got out of there fast. Hey it was just a dream, but a very vivid one.


4.ultra high-resolution scans of the brain followed by computer emulation.
(Artificial people come to mind or androids, Here is a picture of an ultra high resolution monkey brain)


I did not read anything about any kind of speculation as to the existence of a soul, or spirit on the entire website.

Why would humans want to create an intelligence smarter than them or a computer that can rewrite its programing? Are they serious?

A computer program has no real creative faculty. It cannot think, it can only process information. That is probably why they want to mix human with computer, because they instinctively know this although they would not admit it.

Its no wonder they are wanting to improve human intelligence, they must realize how stupid they are. I suppose they think I am stupid for believing that there is more to life than the brain and intelligence. They must be aliens because humans have more spiritual awarness than that. Yes, that must be it, they are aliens together with a few stupid humans.

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  1. Hi Jeannie,

    You’re comment the other day caught me off-guard. I wish I’d more carefully considered my response; which was deliberately bitchy. For that I’m sorry.

    I forgot that I write in a public forum for the whole world to see. And Comments are a forum for any person on Earth to tell me what they Think.

    I want to know. In particular since what I’ve read of yours has been real interesting.

    keep On with it please.

    Mike E

  2. You have a right to be as bitchy as you want. It may have seemed that I was passing judgement on you. (Maybe I was. You are a very creative writer.) Besides, if we can’t be ourselves on a blog to a total stranger, there is no hope for us. Keep being real.

  3. ooooooook lets stop the short bus long enough to think instead of just recoiling in disgust. first off computers have no creative faculty right now that doesnt mean that they cant have some bestowed upon them with the right programming skills.

    secondly there are several reasons for making a computer smarter then humans not the least of which is luddites who dont want humans to be able to engineer people to be smarter and even then there is only so far that can be taken until you are forced to rewrite the genes completly into something better designed and then the person isnt human any more is he/she. not that i have any problem with this scenario there just seem to be alot of idiots who are.

    i mean come on a human brain as it is can only hold so much information and learn so fast if we want science to have any hope of being fast enough to outpace the problems we humans are causing we are going to need something with more processing power then the average human brain

    • yoshi: with all due respect, this is not a well-thought out response to the human condition. The problem with your suggestion is that it isn’t even mathematically sound, let alone spiritually sound. You are suggesting that problems that humans created are somehow NOT able to be remediated by those same humans or ones related to them without some sort of artificial/electronic/digital/mechanical augmentation. It doesn’t make sense and the very premise of your statement IS its downfall, assuming even that the computer can write software that is more “perfect” than the human mind/body/spirit complex. If we are so inherently flawed, then even our ‘digital offspring’ will be inherently flawed, even if at a lesser level, but that unavoidable fallibility, actually the true wonder of human essence, in a way, is what makes this idiotic singularist suggestion unconscionable.

      And I take umbrage at your reference to the “short bus”. Some of the best humans I’ve ever met rode a short bus to school. We have much to learn from them and there is no computer that can figure out why that would be helpful to the human condition.

  4. To Yoshi:
    If you consider a human to be nothing more than a body and a brain then you have a point. Some of us believe humans are powerful spiritual beings having a human experience. Some of us believe humans have a soul. Who knows if that is true. You can’t prove the existence of God and you probably can’t prove that humans have a soul either; at least not in today’s scientific world. They are still inside a very small box.

  5. yoshi wrote:
    ooooooook lets stop the short bus long enough to think instead of just recoiling in disgust. first off computers have no creative faculty right now that doesnt mean that they cant have some bestowed upon them with the right programming skills.

    Programers cannot “bestow” true creativity upon computers. They can only cause a computer to appear to creative. (True creativity comes from spirit or soul IMHO.) Can a programer “betstow” a soul onto a computer? If so, will the computer then have “free will?” Will a computer then be able to get ideas? …that’s really scary considering some of the bungling programmers out there. Can this computer then be hacked?

    Well, humans can be brainwashed and programmed, we know that. The brain itself is a biological computer. But there is a soul with creative intelligence in charge of that.

  6. ah the soul argument, i believe humans havea soul as well. where we disagree is that this soul is the source of inspiration and creativity. creativity comes from spontaneous connections made in the brain and of course if you dont believe this you can always hop into the genetic engineering crowd just be prapred for this crowd to one day move beyond simply better humans and onto better designed humans

  7. Creativity cannot possibly come from spontaneous connections made in the brain because a brain is simply a biological computer. If a brain could be creative, then take one out of a body and keep it alive artificially and see if it comes up with anything creative. HA!. If a brain could be creative, then a computer should naturally be able to become creative. It can’t. The brain is nothing more than a computer. It only processes information, it cannot find inspiration from its own functions. If it could, every person with a functioning brain would be bursting with creative energy, inventing things, creating music, art, etc. This is not the case. Some people lack simple imagination. The idea that a biological computer (a brain) can be creative is ridiculous.

  8. the brain is a computer but a very very sophisticated one the likes of which man has not created. firstly it’s hardware isnt static the brain forges reforges destroys and makes new pathways something no computer can do . this is the reason scientists are looking at brains as a model for an AI. because it is the brain that makes connections between things seen in the past with what you are looking at now. the wheel for example came from someone watched a log or a stone rolling down a hill and BINGO you have a prototype wheel.creativity follows that kind of process this is something a brain can do and if you took it out of the body it would still be able to do this. well it is actually somewhat more complicated then just sticking it in a jar for reasons i wont get into. but it would still be able to be creative

  9. emulation of nature and curiosity are the forces behind creativity combined with necessity as the mother of it these are functions of the brain not the soul

  10. also need i remind you that there are animals all over the globe who use tools ,tools are the first indication of creativity. from primates to birds. they may not be painting on cave walls but neither were humans when we started so one either has to admit that it is the brain that allows creativity and humans arent special for it or that all animals hav souls and humans arent special for it.

    either way the thing i believe your trying to presere is the fact that humans are special somehow and our ability to make things makes us special. if creativity is just a thing of the brain then how can humans be special.

  11. You are right, creativity exists in all forms of life, not just human. It is a matter of degree. But the brain is not where it originates. In fact, the brain is manifested from a creative intelligence at work in all of life. It and all things originate from conscious intelligence that exists outside the physical world and outside all things physical. If you refuse to see this then you do not truly believe in spirit, soul, or what some call “God.” That’s alright with me, everyone has a right to believe or not believe.

    I believe that everything is a manifestation of a creative intelligence.

  12. i dont believe in the all spanning creative intelligent stuff usually known as “god” that doesnt mean i cant believe in the soul reincarnation and all the good stuff that comes with the soul. it means i just dont believe in the super powerful being invisible or otherwise i think on this one we will have to agree to disagree until or some metaphysical offshoot of it can find out for certain. though i think the proof will be in the pudding that is AI if we can make one or not will be the final proof where creativity lies

  13. You might be surprised to know that I agree with you. I do not believe in some super all powerful being invisible or otherwise, and I do not like the term “GOD” as it suggests this. I do however believe in creative intelligence and that i am part of that. (In short, I believe that I am God.) I am not THE GOD, but I am an expression of the I AM intelligence that manifested all life.

  14. The thing that makes humans special is self awareness. They are life manifested that achieved self awareness. The next step is God awareness. (Or God consciousness) That is when they realize that they ARE GOD.

  15. *chuckles* the awareness of the soul? been there anyway humans arent the only species that are self aware as science has tested and shown many others , mostly primates, have shown that they too are self aware

  16. You say “many others” are “self aware.” What others? I don’t know of any. Even primates are barely self aware. Only humans are aware enough to think “Who am I?” or ask the question, “What am I?” I doubt if primate sit around and contemplate their lives and worry about their deaths, or think about the future the way humans do. Humans are simply the most evolved life form on the planet, to include any reptilian aliens with advanced technology.

  17. ahahaha what do you think walmart is?

  18. all the walmarts around me only hire freaks and old people, they must be run by aliens

  19. I can see how this could be a possibility.

  20. Is The Singularity a matrix or a unicode-based monolith?
    Thank you for your article…intriguing…but The Singularity makes me ambivalent.

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