Do Aliens exist?

Has the invasion begun or is it too late?

That depends on what you mean by the term “alien.”

There are different kinds of “aliens.” There are illegal aliens, (that usually means Mexicans or anyone from South America who has crossed the border into America.) We know they exist, they work in our fields and factories.


There are “extraterrestrials,” or what some say are beings from some other planet that arrived here by spaceship, or some people believe that these aliens actually come from another dimension or alternate reality , not from another planet. We don’t know, because the government won’t tell us. There are people who still doubt that they exist, but more and more people insist that they do. Some say that they have been here since the dawn of mankind. If so, then perhaps we shouldn’t call them “aliens.” Perhaps they have been here all along, maybe even before humans. But I have my own name for them. Non-human intellignet life forms.

For some people the argument is still, “do extraterrestrial aliens exist?” But that argument stays in the company of people who really do not want to know. They just simply say “No of course not.” But there are a lot of educated people who say that they do exist, and many who know they do exist, and there are a few who even talk about it openly. For them, the question of whether or not aliens exist is ridiculous. Of course they do. Their entire lives and occupations involve aliens, UFO’s abductees etc.

Forget the question of whether UFO’S and Aliens are here among us. The big argument going on in the UFO/alien community is whether they are benign or malevolent. Or simply: Are the aliens trying to uplift mankind or are they out to take control of the world so that they can make slaves of us and eat us in public without fear of an uprising of human resistance. The battle of the UFO researchers is an on going one.

But do they truly exist? I can only give you my opinion on that. Yes, I think they certainly do. Can I prove it? No I can’t. How certain am I? 85% certain. These creatures called the “greys” (Zeta) are said to be more like created clones who are connected in some kind of hive mentality. I don’t know if that is true or not. Some say that their creators are the Dracos, an intelligent reptilian race, highly advance in technology. They have the ability to cross over into our reality which is a different vibration from theirs. I think there is enough evidence to support this idea, and quantum physics also supports these possibilities.

I don’t think they are friendly, but that there are some non-human intelligent life forms that are friendly. I don’t think humans are at the top of the food chain either. An interesting book to check out is: “Hunt for the Skin Walker.” by Colm A. Kelleher PH.D. and George Knapp.


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  2. Good site!!!

  3. you are messed up you need to get a life


  5. For those of you who make comments about who needs to get a life, perhaps it is you who need to get a life, otherwise you would not be reading blogs and making stupid comments. Much as you like to think you are at the top of the food chain, you are not. Get ready for the invasion. Some of these aliens would like to eat your children.

  6. What u guys need to do is stop and look at the bright side none of these ufo’s or aliens insist* beside if the goverment is trying to

  7. Roswell Information

    Roswell Information continues after 60 years

  8. ok wow i dont know if any of this is truew but people do need to get a lifee like no lie and yeaa i knwo im here but thats non of your business
    anyway this could be true or not soo watch out!!!

  9. I think u are. All stupid. Aliens eat human kids every day. I also think kid aliens go to human school and then invite one of the kids to there alie House and then eat the human kid for dinner when the kid is alive and is eaten whole by the alien kid

    • for u da sed da were all STUPID and da aliens eat kids everyday…and all those wierd things…!!!ur dump and stupid!!tottaly!!!!and if ur da dump to belive da then go head….cuz u have to be a a idiot….or a lil kid like a 7 yr old kid or smaller!! seriously

  10. he’s right. I’m a kid so I watch out I don’t want to become dinner. If I was ever caught by aliens and they stripped me nakid and started eating I would kick and scream so hopefully they won’t eat me nakid and for dinner

  11. Please if any aliens are here don’t eat human kids.

  12. I’m 11 years old and the last thing I want to happen is to be nakid on a dinner plate about to be eaten whole. If that happens hopefully there would be a nakid girl next to about to get eaten by the same alien. So when we both got swallowed I could have A nice couple of last hours of my and a nakid girl all by ourselfs. Or if it was a nother nakid boy I would try to eat them but if they are stronger then me I might just become dinner twice.

    • hay im a 11yr old kid too!!! and ur dump ok!!!how can u say da bout a GIRL!!!weido

  13. my name is steave and this is my story. I was walking home from my friends house when an alien pops out of nowhere and grabs me tie me up with ropes so I can’t move then puts me in a car and drives me back to his family. There they take of all my clothes and the alien and his Kids bathed me naked. If felt weird when they cleaned my butt. Then they pun my legs over my head so my butt was sticking up. Then they put my legs back to normal and then locked me in thus room. That is where I found this computer. So right now I am naked typing and telling u this. They told me they are going to eat me tonight. Do anyone reading this no that aliens eat humans and they eat us naked

  14. I hope aliens are real. That might be the only thing that will turn this god damned world around. It would be pretty interesting for sure.

  15. An illegal alien is anyone who is in your country illegally. Not just mexicans and south americans, you idiot.

  16. My mind is blown!

  17. you are all so fucking retarded . gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay .

  18. i think instead of worrying of aliens and that they will wat your children or not, you should worry about your kid getting pressured into drugs or loving them not worrying about an alien eating them you idiots if they exist or not you cant control it so dont worry about it

  19. I saw two space ships the other night off the Atlantic coast of Florida…they where really bright and than the light got dimmed, and they shot off into orbit real fast. NO BS. and no it was a plane, I saw it with my own eyes. I;m sure NASA saw it too.

  20. wel if u dont belive in aliens its ok…cz i didnt belive it neither until i saw 5 flying saucers at first i thought they were just da clouds then i realized they were actully saucers!they were all lind up then they kept on going back&forwards…but now let me tel u a story my neighbor told me she a old old women like in her 50s or 60s..but she told me da one time flying saucers were in da sky and da sudenly he was in da flying saucer and da up their..were the aliens live u dont get old…and da she stayed their for 3 years and she came back the same not older or yunger…cuz up their were they come from theirs no age or ull never get yunger or older…(and idont care if u guys dont belive these story or say im stupid or other stuff because ido!!!cuz their has been other alies abductuions!!to u kno since a long time ago!!)U SHOULD ACTULLY REASHERCH THEIR HAS BEEN ALIENS ABDUCTIONS SINE AA LONG TIME!!!AND IF UR ASKING WHAT A ALIEN ABDUCTION IS ITS WEN U GET TAKEN!!!!!!so REASHERCH THAT!!!!!!!!!!

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