How to spot a liberal or conservative

Left, Right, and Other States of Insanity

I am not quite sure what the meaning of “Conservative” and or “Liberal” is or what it means to different people. I am quite sure it is not so cut and dried as one might think. But below are my over all impressions of what people think they are.

If I had to describe myself, with either one of these labels… I would have to say I was a liberal, although I don’t fit my own sterio-type description below, but that is just in fun anyway.Yet I am sure that part of me is conservative. I don’t know what part that is, but I am sure there is something conservative about me… oh yeh, I don’t get welfare checks or food stamps. Too damn much paperwork involved. I don’t know if that is conservative or just lazy, which might be considered liberal. Its so confusing.

mikepence02gif.jpg Falwell: falwell.jpg


Your average run-of-the-mill idea of conservatives tend to be thought of as white, republican, Christian, and usually Protestant.

*they are hunters, warriors,and industry leaders,

*They send their sons to war,

*they believe what their president tells them,

*they are anti-abortion, (anti-choice,)

*they are for the death penalty

*they preach “family values” and “patriotism.”

*they would like to plant the ten commandments on the courthouse lawn

*they want to pray to Jesus in public school auditoriums, anyone who doesn’t like it can leave.

*they believe what they hear on CNN, and other network major media.

*they are anti-change

*they claim to want less government (anti-change, no new laws, etc.)

*they want to form a militia

*they have flags on their lawns and yellow ribbons on their cars with the Christian fish symbol.

*they take too many perscription drugs.

madwoman.jpg Liberals, are they ex hippies?


Your average run-of-mill idea of liberals tend to be thought of as poor white, and minorities, mostly catholic, Democrat, atheists or godless pagans.

*They are ex-hippies, draft dodgers, trailer trash

*they don’t trust their president

*they are pro-choice, pro-abortion, free love types

*they are against the death penalty

*they are “atheists” who don’t want the ten commandments on the court house lawn.

*they don’t care one way or another about prayer in schools or they are against it.

*they don’t watch the news

*they want to change the world but don’t know how exactly

*they want to make new laws

*they are probably on welfare or food stamps

*they want to form a commune

*they have flamingos or other tacky things on their lawn and sport all mannor of bumper stickers.

*they live in trailers and drive big cars.

*They smoke pot.


Of course these are generalizations …. LOL

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