Until Death do us…

Death and Marriage

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Marriage kills the soul and the joy of autonomy for both the man and the woman but mostly the woman. Can two people really “become as one” without loosing their own soul and who they are? I don’t think so. If two people become one, then it is because one of them has consumed the other one.

In the above picture, the death card shows a vampire man, and a “dead” woman getting married. He has already sucked the life’s breath out of her soul, or he plans to, so she is represented by a skull. That is her future and her energy. It could just as well be the other way around. It is not always the man who consumes the woman, but that is what society accepts as “normal.”

Most of the time married people spend their life in battle trying to change each other. They do this for most of their marriage until they are in so deep financially they can’t escape. The STATE charges a fee to marry you and they charge even more to let you get divorced. And for what? What business does the government have making rules for a personal relationship of any kind?

Down with marriage I say!! It is evil. It is not “a man, a woman and God.” It is a man, a woman and THE STATE.

If you are married, my advice is get a divorce. It is worth the money. If you are “in love,” you should see a shrink. Being “In Love” is the same as being “Insane.” If you are thinking about marriage ask yourself why would you want to bring the government into your life that way? If you must, just live together. If you want to share property just buy it in both of your names. If you want a contract, draw one up, but for your sake, and your partner’s, do not get married.

If you invite me to your wedding I will send a sympathy card. I will come dressed in black, and when the man asks if there is anyone who knows why these two people should not be bound together in the institution of matrimony, I wlll stand up and give a speech you will not forget.

Oh I believe people can love one another! But true love needs no bondage. It is free love. (Free love is not free sex either, like so many hippy’s used to think.) It is just divine love.

But marriage is all about money, property, and raising children. A man always pays for sex whether he knows it or not. He either hires a professional or he buys an idiot who agrees to bare his children if he marry’s her. Then the battle begins. Marriage is also about owning another person. You are MY wife, I am YOUR husband. If you think your are free, think again.

If you are older, there is no reason to get married. If you are young, chances are you, as a women, will end up alone with three kids and no child support trying to survive working two jobs and neglecting your children. If you are a man, your eyes may wander and your wife will sue you for divorce and take your kids, your home and your dog away from you, or else the government will hound you for the rest of your life for child support payments just because you did not know anything about birth control.

Need some advice? Drop me a line. But you know how I feel about marriage already. I see nothing wrong or sinful about sex with another consenting adult, but to do it only with each other until death do we part? In your dreams!! Marriage contracts should be for five or ten years at best, beyond such time they will expire if not renewed. Decisions about the children can be written up in a contract.

As for gays getting married, the advice is the same. You are idiots to want to get married. If gays start getting married they won’t be “gay” anymore. They will be “miserable” like the rest of the married population.

To any man I may date in the future: I will loose all respect for your intelligence if you even suggest that we get married. (Not that any man would, I’m just giving advanced warning.)

P.S. (Added Later)
This is not to say that no marriages work. Some can and do. But what if you could form workable partnerships without all the baggage of marriage? I think that would be nice. Partnerships should be an equal give and take and a win win situation for each person. Both should be happy.

Reverand Priestess Gloria Jean
Single and loving it.

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  1. Great blog! I’ve added a link to your blog on Blog of the Day under the category of Relationship. To view the feature of your blog, please visit http://blogoftheday.org/page/112293

  2. Ааану-кае ребятки голосуем!!!

    Признавайтесь проказники и влалельцы сайта jeannie49.wordpress.com ))))

    ЧТО вы буедте делвть этим летом?!

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  4. bravo! i completely agree. Sadly, I am married but I definitely do NOT own my husband. To be honest, I wish we would have just lived together..at least then I would know that if he was with me, it’s because he WANTS to be, not because he is forced to be by a piece of bs paper.

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