Save Yourself

According to the Bible, if you disobey God, or if you do not believe in the teachings of the Bible or in Jesus as the Savior, and the son of God, that unbelief is considered rejection of God and labeled “a sin.” By default, then, according to Christianity, anyone who is not Christian and who does not accept and believe in the Christian doctrine and the Christian God is “a sinner.”

Most Christians will insist that there is only One true God and if you agree with them they have you over a barrel, because if there truly is only One God, and you do not worship their perception of that One God, then they will then tell you that you are “rejecting” God or “refusing” to believe. Therefore you will be labeled “sinner.”

Although in the old testament there was a lot of talk of “sin,” today Christianity has embraced and taken ownership of the concept. Anyone who refuses to accept their concept of God are then “against God” or “rejecting God,” hence, sinners. Through their perspective, no other religion can own the concept of sin and call other people sinners, because it is their belief that they worship “false Gods” anyway.

If you find that your life is made better by allowing a cult or religion to define you and tell you how to live each moment of your life, that is your choice and you should cling to those doctrines with all your might; but if you are tired of some preacher telling you that you are a sinner and telling you that you shouldn’t do this and can’t do that because of some passage he found in the Bible, then you should probably ask yourself if what they are telling you makes any real logical or rational sense.

Whether you believe the soul is eternal or not, if you accept the Christian doctrine you are expected to believe some pretty unbelievable things, and if you do not believe (or “reject” them,) you are defined (by them) as a “sinner.” How long are you going to live your life letting other people and their doctrines define you? There are no sinners outside of Religious doctrine and Christianity except by another Christian’s definition of them.

If you refuse to be defined by religious and Christian doctrines, you cannot be a sinner, because the term was created and is owned only by them. In truth, the word “sin” is empty and meaningless. It is a mote point. So save yourself from the bondage of sin forever, and define yourself. Reject their definition of you. Do what is right with love. Think Truth, be Truth, Speak truth. There is no such thing as “sin.”

This does not mean there is no “right” or “wrong” concepts in living your life. It simply means taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions, thinking for yourself and making your own decisions about right and wrong. That does not sound like a “sin” to me, and yet it is, according to Christian doctrine. “Sin” is defined by the Bible as disobedience to a (Christian defined) concept of God and rejecting the Christian doctrine, although many different doctrines have sprung from that. Therefore, “sinners” are only
“sinners” as defined by Christians who believe and accept these doctrines.

Heritic: “A person who holds controversial opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Proud to be a Heretic,
Gloria Jean

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