Religious Bull Crap

I got ordained by the Universal Life Church because I believe everyone is a minister unto themself, or at least should be. Yes, I have my own personal religion. There is only one member in my cult. Me.
There is nothing special about Ordained Ministers or being ordained, but some seem to think they know something about God that the average person does not know. They want to hold a position of authority or council over others and in society. Personally, I think it is an ego thing, perhaps just the basic human need for recognition and respect. I don’t really blame them but sometimes they start to actually believe the bull crap they peddle and they start thinking they are better than other people.

So I like to call myself “reverand” or “high priestess.” That irks them. I am legally ordained, and just as legal as they are. That irks them too. I am up front about where I got ordained and they have checked into the Universal life Church and found some stuff on one of the many churches on the Internet (not the founding Church but some other ones.) and they had a lot of critical things to say about it. It had nothing to do with me or my beliefs, or the purpose of the Universal Life Church. Each Church can form its own beliefs. It doesn’t matter what they are.

But that’s not what I am all about. I just wanted to share. I have fun with it. Is it a joke? A little bit, but I believe I am making a statement. Some consider me a rebel because I am not a Christian, and they call me a Witch because I read Tarot Cards. Perhaps I am a little of both in their eyes. But I do not to let them or society define me.

You might ask why I would do things to irk the local religious establishment. I guess because they irk me sometimes. Perhaps they could use a wakeup call. I think they are drowning in their own screwed up traditions and ideas. I don’t believe the bull crap they peddle.I am not a sinner so I don’t need to be saved. You have to be a Christian to be a sinner or at least you have to buy into the idea of “sin” and accept their definition of you as a “sinner” which I don’t. The word “sin” is meaningless.

My intention is to live my life the way I want, not according to what people try to tell me. I follow my heart. I decide what I think is right and wrong for me. Its a lonely path, but very rewarding.

I have a good sense of humor and I don’t take anything too seriously. Some people take everything too damn seriously. They stress too much. I say to them, lighten up people! Thats bad for your heath you know.

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