The Dark Magician, Infinite Vision Tarot Card.

When watching a movie you can always tell when something frightening is about to happen by listening to the background music. That is the music of the Dark Magician.

He wears a dark cloak and wields a tarnished sword and his face is hidden in the darkness. The darkness is his friend because it hides his presence. . A wolf behind him watches and the full moon shines overhead.

Lock your doors, sound the drums, something evil this way comes. The energy of this card personifies anger, bad intentions, hateful thoughts, black magic or psychic attacks. It can also represent repressed anger that has degenerated into a deep depression that may be hidden and destructive. This card may simply alert you to an angry presence that could be dangerous. You will probably know who it is.

THE DARK MAGICIAN is sometimes a warning and a head’s up. He is telling you to be aware of an enemy who watches you from a hidden place or maybe even lurks in the heart of a close friend. There is jealously, fear, hatred and disdain, behind this energy.

He is the wounded one who has sank into deep despair, sadness, hopelessness and may express these emotions through anger and violence.

It could be intentional dark magic or natural dark magic; which is done on an unconscious level. The focus and feeling of this card is that an enemy lurks closely, searching for your weakness, and for an opportunity to exploit it.

As far as emotional energy, this card represents the ones at the bottom of the barrel, such as grief, depression, anger, fear, hopelessness and desperation.

In a reverse position, repressed or carefully controlled anger or anger that is subsiding from where it once reached an explosive level.

Be aware of things out of place or situations that just don’t seem quite right. Listen to that voice inside that warns you of an enemy’s presence or approach. Be suspicious of that stranger at your door or some casual acquaintance asking personal questions.

Take steps to protect yourself on the psychic level and take note of strange dreams or nightmares. You may never see or recognize this enemy because the work is done behind the scenes and in the shadows or under the guise of a friend.

Take mental notes of situations or events that stand out as being odd or strange, or a person nearby or in the shadow who seems to focus their attention towards you making you uncomfortable.

Now may not be the time to trust every stranger you meet, or play host to so-called friends whose state of depression or anger drains or disrupts your personal energy.

Pay attention to your own thought processes especially if they do not seem normal. Other thoughts could be intruding into your psyche that are not your own especially if you are a sensitive. This dark energy can come in the guise of a friend with a problem.

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Problems Don’t Exist

According to the law of attraction, if you focus on something, you will attract or manifest it into your experience.  Wallace D. Wattles said that  people who focus on poverty and make a study of poverty only perpetuate it.  Does this mean if we ignore poverty it will cease to exist?  The answer to that question, according the law of attraction is Yes.  If everyone would focus on abundance, poverty would quickly fade away and cease to exist..

You might find this difficult to believe even if you are a believer in the law of attraction. Well it is about time to get off the fence. You either believe in the law of attraction or you don’t. Don’t pretend to believe it, and don’t just preach it. You have to practice it and understand that it does work whether you believe it or not..  You can preach it until the cows come home but it will not work in your favor until you begin to practice the right way.

You practice it by using your will to direct your attention towards what you want, and away from what you don’t want.  For example, you can start by not watching the news. Is it really essential that you know who is shooting who in the streets of some major city?  How does hearing about and seeing this information enrich your life?

So many people are teaching and preaching about the law of attraction you might think that everyone in the entire world has heard about it.  Believe it or not there are still people who have not.  That is because a person cannot see something that they do not believe.  It can be right in front of them and they cannot see it. It does not exist in their reality. If you are focusing on something you are creating it in your experience. If you can’t see it, then it does not exist in your reality and cannot exist in your experience.

So does this mean that if I ignore a problem that it will go away?  That is one way of looking at it, but think of it this way.  There are no problems.  You can’t ignore something that does not exist.

The Queen 

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Truth is Information

By Gloria Jean


I have come to consider that truth is very likely just another word for information. All information.

(I am certainly not a scientist and all that scientific and mathmatic stuff just completely boggles my mind. That being said, I still think I can one day know and understand the secrets of the universe. I keep at it anyway.)

The universe has been said to be made of matter and energy. Then it was discovered that matter and energy were basically the same thing. (E=MC2)

Others have said that the universe consists of matter, energy and consciousness. Okay, I’ll certainly buy that idea, it sounds good. But what is consciousness?

Define consciousness: Intelligent Awareness. If consciousness is intelligent awareness, then this means that the entire universe is Intelligent and aware.

In the formula (E=MC2) , I have to ask what exactly is energy in an intelligent aware universe? If the universe is conscious, intelligent and aware, then it can probably think. Okay, lets suppose this is true.

So define energy: Energy = Thought. (Thoughts are waves.)

Thought is energy. Thought = Energy. If E = mc2 (Meaning Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared) then Thought equals mass times the speed of light squared.

That does not make a lot of sense to me, unless I say it like this. Thought equals information. Therefore you can calculate the amount of information in matter by taking the amount of mass times the speed of light squared.

Okay what exactly is mass?

Define mass: Scientific: Mass is a subatomic particle called an atom. One hydrogen atom composed of a single proton has a mass of 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001 672 kg.

So mass, according to the formula, is condensed energy. If energy = thought, then mass is condensed thought. But if thought is condensed and fixed, (as apposed to being active, loose and moving freely about) then what is it?

Define condensed thought: Condensed thought is information stored, which is called memory.

This means that mass (or matter) is condensed information and is called memory. (condensed information = a standing wave) (I’m just speculating here, these are simply my ideas, so don’t take them to the bank, just consider them.)

matter = energy = information = memory

This very likely means that kinetic energy equals thought-information in its active state, and potential energy equals thought-information (memory) in its stored state.

So what exactly is Light?

Define light: Scientific: Light is a transverse, self propagating electromagnetic wave.

This wave carries energy (Energy = thought = information) and momentum, (speed=frequency) which may be imparted (transferred) when it interacts with matter (matter = mass = condensed information = memory.)

“Electromagnetic radiation waves, (light and other waves) as their names suggest are fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields, which can transport energy (thought-information) from one location to another.”

Energy = Thought-information (waves)
Light = moving thought-information. (A traverse self propagating electromagnetic wave)
Matter = condensed thought-information or ~memory.

It is entirely possible that we live in a virtual reality universe created and programmed by an intelligent awareness (consciousness) with thought which it collects and stores as information in a condensed mass we call matter (memory).

Everything is thought. Thoughts are waves, waves are light and sound and matter. We live in a dream universe.

Our bodies are store houses of information and part of the biological machine that is our universe which is run by programs stored in the mass (atoms etc.) that we call matter.

Who writes the programs? I am pretty sure that we do on some level we are not be aware of. Now all we need to learn is how to access higher consciousness and unlock the information.

Truth is information. Consciousness is the source, Energy is a wave.

I had an Afterthought:

Energy is a wave but…

But what if original energy is not what we normally think of as a thought wave? In any case, Energy is a wave of something. Perhaps it is a force caused by the excitation of awareness. (consciousness) . One might call it the joy of awareness. Perhaps you might call it LOVE. Whatever it is, it keeps coming and the universe keeps expanding and manifesting. Some people just call it the life force, chi, prana. Even with logic, I can’t imagine the universe could exist without it.

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Don’t get married for any reason.

If you are considering getting married, I would advise against it. Let me tell you why. Most people get married for the wrong reasons. For a man, marriage would probably be a mistake, and for a woman, it’s more like suicide. Few people are happy being married because they enter into that contract thinking the other person is going to make them happy. No such luck. You are responsible for your own happiness.

Also, Most people think that they own their spouse and that comes with all the problems with master-slave relationships. Let me be the first to inform you that nobody owns another person. Our suppose society is somewhat responsible for people feeling this way, but we are responsible for our society as a whole. We are told to feel this way. It is part of our programing. Get over that. Realize there is nothing wrong with being single, and you will probably be happier if you are happy with yourself.

With the new awareness that seems to be appearing, there is really no reason people should not maintain their individuality and stay single, unless their intent is to get a partner and raise children with them. Most marriages are two people who just fell in love with themselves while being admired by each other. Marriage is really a partnership where the partners get the idea that they own each other.

Don’t get married. You could do something more meaningful with your life besides getting married and popping out more children. Enjoy your life. You may think you want kids and a husband, but just give it some very serious thought. Is that really what you want to do with the rest of your life?

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Should we stay in or get out of the body?

Should we stay in or get out of the body?

In spiritual practice, when it comes to whether or not one should get out of the body or stay in it,  I have heard from Robert Monroe in his book “Journeys out of the Body” and I have heard from Paul Twitchell in his books to include his first one,  “In my soul I am free.”  For the most part, I thought that learning this was an important pursuit.  It seemed so magical.

After experimenting with out of body projection and soul travel for a number of years, and after a lot of reading about it, I decided that much like hallucinogenic and drugs, the practice of astral projection or soul travel constitutes more of an escape from  the present manifestation of self than a reaching for enlightenment or finding God.  Most of what you will find are mind created worlds and beings who know less about God and the Universe than you might expect. You can also run into some pretty nasty characters.

Therefore, once again, I seem to have made a complete  turn around in my overall opinion and belief on this subject.  We, as somewhat conscious humans, seem to have manifested from the source, an outward physical body for the purpose of experiencing life.  Never mind how that was accomplished, it was an amazing feat.   To disregard or reject the body, our temple of life, would be a denial of the manifested physical self.

Also, to spend our time in mental anguish and fear worrying about our fate, or trying to get to some place called heaven or the after life is also a form of denial of our current life.  Enjoy your life now.  Live your life now.  This is where your power lies.

Reverend Priestess Gloria

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Escaping the Trap of Time

The enlightened person’s main focus of attention is always in the present moment.  To escape from time is to escape from the mind because time is a construct of the mind.  If you dwell on the past or constantly think about (or worry about) the future, you are trapped by time and you will miss the present moment.  Use “clock time” when you need it, but keep your attention on the Now of your existence.  You cannot do anything in the past or in the future, you can only do it now.  You cannot live in the past or the future, you can only live now.  The key to happiness and a longer life is presence.  Continued focus on the future or the past means you are resisting what is and you are missing the moment.  That is what they mean by “Stop and smell the roses.”  It is the journey that matters, not the destination. (These are the concepts talked about in the book “The Power of Now.” by Eckart Tolle  I highly recommend it.)

You are not the mind, nor are you the ego or the thinker of thoughts. These things are tools created for the observer.  The true essence of you is the watcher.   When you step back and observe your mind and your thoughts then you have escaped the trap of time and you are present in the NOW.

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Do Aliens exist?

Do aliens exist?” Recently there have been many sightings in Old Mexico of unidentified flying objects and even several sightings of a flying humanoid looking creature with huge wings. So many people saw these things that the Mexican government acknowledged the event and began investigating it. But like most investigations of these things, nothing was solved.

So do aliens exist?” In answer to that question, I would first I have to ask you to define what you mean by “alien.” If a non-human intelligent sentient species does exist and has made contact with some humans, or abducted some humans, who is to say that they are ‘aliens?’ If they have been living inside the earth or on the earth longer than humans then perhaps humans are just some scientific cross breeding or cloning experiment living on the surface of the earth, thinking that they own it and that everything they can’t explain must be an alien.

So you must first define what you mean by alien. These beings might better be described as natives or inner earth residents. If that is the case, some of them could even be living among humans and breeding with humans until the line between human and non-human has become hard to detect.

But most people who ask this question about aliens are probably thinking about those little gray bastards with the huge eyes, or those weird looking ones with the long noses, or those flesh eating shape shifting reptilian dragons, or the Dracos from Orion who thirst for blood, violence and power, or the Syrian dog soldiers, or the preying mantis race, or the tall blond race from the inner earth. Or maybe you are just wondering who the hell is flying those UFO’s everyone sees.

Like Big foot, I believe that they all exist. But they do not exist in quite the same space that we exist. I believe they cross over the realm border from another dimension. You might want to read a book called “ Hunt for the Skin Walker” by Colm A. Kelleher, PhD and George Knapp. It is a very interesting true account of an independent study of strange cattle mutilations and sightings on a ranch in New Mexico.

I think the mistake most people make is the idea that these beings/creatures come from outer space by way of space ships. I highly doubt that. However I do not doubt that there is intelligent life in some form throughout this entire galaxy. (It would be unlikely if all the stars and planets held no life at all.)

At the risk of being thought of as one of the many crazies, I will admit that I think these ‘aliens’ exist. They probably have always existed. I believe they ‘invaded’ third density earth a long time ago. Lately, more have come across the realm border to our reality. Many people have experienced them. Some can see them and some cannot see them. Some people have made contact and others would not recognize an alien if they were married to one.

But there is a theory that an observer cannot see what he refuses to believe or recognize, and that existence sometimes depends upon the observer. But then that is a completely different argument. Or is it?

Have I seen one? (I don’t think so, but I may have.) But I have seen a mutilated cow, and I have seen strange lights and a strange triangular object in the sky, and so have some of my very close friends. Most people I know have had some sort of unexplained sighting. Let’s face it, we don’t know everything. We could be just like the cattle in the pasture. They are aware that someone takes care of them and brings them water and hay, but they have no idea that one day they will be taken to the slaughter house.

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Mysteries and Conspiracy Theory Questions

Are Zionists trying to take over the world?

What was the real reason for the World Trade Center attack?

Are extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional aliens planning to invade earth or are they already here?

Is our government really experimenting with time travel?

Who or what is behind UFO’s?

What are they really doing at area 51 and why does our government deny it exists?

What is the real function of the CIA?

Has our Government made contact with extraterrestrials or inter-dimensional aliens or made a deal with them?

What is the Federal Reserve and is it really bankrupt?

Who or what is behind cattle mutilations?

What is behind the big foot sightings?

Are Zionists controlled by extraterrestrials?

Is George Bush human?

Has cloning really been done on humans?

Are there really secret underground facilities we are not told about?

What makes the royal family so damn special?

Do all or most of our past presidents really have royal blood?

Why do the Mormons keep so many genealogy records?

Was Joseph Smith abducted by aliens or did he really see angels or was he just on drugs?

Who is behind the unexplained crop circles?

Who are the real men in black?

Is the moon hollow?

Is the earth hollow?

Where are the two missing moons of mars?

If our government does not know what UFO’s are why don’t they just say so.

If they do, why don’t they tell us?

Enquiring minds want to know.

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The Evolution of Cell phones and my desire to have one… or not.

The Evolution of Cell phones and my desire to have one… or not.

I remember when I first caught a gander of a very small cell phone that you had to flip up to talk to someone on. Yes, I admit it, I wanted one. I was very impressed. It was not in real life that I saw this marvel of technology, it was in a movie. The man with the phone in the movie was an obscenely wealthy drug dealer ordering a hit on someone.

At that time I had only seen one cell phone in person, and it was a huge monster that required the owner to carry around a large battery pack for it to continue to work. It was in the possession of a woman artist who confided in me that she was a Russian princess in hiding and that most of her family and many of her ancestors had been murdered. (Or is the term “assassinated” more appropriate?) Nevertheless, she was very mysterious and I was curious and impressed, not because she was a Russian Princess, but that she had a cell phone.

Later, cell phones evolved to where the average business man could afford them, but he was usually a very important and well paid man who had to keep in touch with his very important network of people. I remember thinking how nice it would be to be that rich and/or important. This was during the era when small time drug dealers were all still wearing pagers, and pagers had become something of a status symbol for people who wanted to make a statement of how important they were or that they could get you some drugs. Soon all the cool kids were carrying pagers to school. It meant that they were connected to.. well, someone. (Even if it was not a drug dealer, it made them look cool.) I also remember when they would no longer allow children to bring pagers to schools.

My, how times change. Today, anyone who carries a pager is considered a stone age idiot. (Are there even any more pager companies out there? I don’t know and I don’t care.)

Last week I was in the grocery store and I saw a stringy haired overweight poorly dressed mother of three dirty faced brats who live in one of the few trailer parks in town talking to her husband on her cell phone about the grocery list. She paid for her groceries with food stamps. That is when my desire for a cell phone died completely.

But I began to wonder if I should then consider myself a complete failure in life. I don’t have a cell phone and I have never had one. Now, I don’t want one because they have become too common place. Now I can proudly count myself among the few people who don’t have a cell phone. In fact, when I see people walking around talking on a cell phone, I just count them as invisible people, because they are in some other world and they aren’t going to notice or talk to anyone else, after all, they are on the phone. They are obviously too busy to talk to me or anyone else. Besides, I have always been taught not to bother people when they are on the phone.

cellphone.jpg    No telling who will whip out a cell phone these days.

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Today’s Music Videos suck.

Remember the old fashioned song and dance variety shows that used to be on television? I enjoyed them.  Shows like Dean Martin or Ed Sullivan.

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I like to actually see an artist perform their music.  That is what a music video used to be about.  Not any more!

Today’s music videos are little mini movies or clips with background music. Some of them are downright ugly and disturbing.  Remember when a music video actually had a performance in it?  I have been watching some of these new music videos done by today’s popular artists and I have to say that I hate most of them.  In fact, some of them actually make me dizzy and nauseated.

So the artist might say that they are making a statement.  I don’t care. Whatever the statement, I don’t want to here or see it.   I just want to see some talent and the people performing it.  I don’t want a bunch of badly filmed clips with music behind it.

I loved watching Justin Timberlake perform on the Jay Leno show singing “I’m bringing sexy back.” but I just saw his video of that song and what an ugly  piece of crap.  It’s like some of the junk they are calling art these days.  Ugly ugly ugly!   And yet his performance on Jay Leno had me on the list to be one of his fans.

I want to ask anyone who is involved in the music business:  What ever happened to a video where you could actually see the band or singer doing a preformance?  Put your feeling into the song and stop trying to manipulate the veiwer with your images.

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